Tuesday, October 14, 2014

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6

Christmas is only 71 days away!

Welcome back! We're on day 6 of our 12 Days of Christmas celebration, offering you inspiration for all things Christmas through our fabric collections and free patterns, as well as tutorials by some of our favorite blogging designers! Today Stephanie from Late Night Quilter is here, sharing an easy no-sew project--one you can even do with kids! Make sure to check out all 12 days of fun and watch for opportunities to win a fat quarter bundle of some of our Christmas fabrics!

On the sixth day of Christmas, we have:

No-Sew Ornaments by Stephanie and Michelle of Late Night Quilter featuring the Season's Greetings collection!
Elegant No-Sew Christmas Ornaments with my Favorite Fabri-Quilt line - Season's Greetings 
No-Sew Christmas Ornaments with my Favorite Fabri-Quilt line - Season's Greetings

My name is Stephanie Palmer, from Late Night Quilter. I'm a longarm quilter and pattern designer from Austin, Texas. My business partner Michelle and I are thrilled to join forces with Fabric-Quilt to bring you new craft ideas for the holiday season! I love the classic designs Fabri-Quilt is offering this year in the Season's Greetings collection. They honestly have every holiday fabric you could possibly need for the season. Michelle and I thought it would be fun to come up with a no-sew, easy, family craft project. We're always looking for rainy-day activities to do with our kids. And we actually thought we'd do something crazy this time and pair beautiful, elegant fabrics with our messy, chaotic family fun time. This way we are sure to end up with a final-result that the kids loved making and that we would be happy with setting on our entry way tables.

If you want to give this easy project a try, here's what you need: 

  • Your favorite holiday fabrics (fat quarters are perfect) 
  • Cutting mat, rotary cutter, and ruler 
  • Water balloons 
  • Modge Podge 
  • Water 
  • A bowl

Step 1: Cover your work surface with paper. Pour approximately a half-cup of Modge Podge in a disposable bowl and dilute it with an equal part of water. Blow up several water balloons, and try to make them as round as possible for the best final product. (Round balloons are perfect for Christmas, and egg shaped balloons would give you perfect Easter egg decorations for the Spring!)

 Step 2: Using a rotary cutter, ruler and a mat (or a pair of fabric scissors!) cut long strips of fabric, approximately 1/4" wide. 

1/4" strips of fabric
1/4" strips of fabric

2014-10-08 09.34.17
Michelle and I really need manicures.
  Step 3: Soak the strips in the Modge Podge mixture, and remove excess liquid using fingertips.

2014-10-08 09.35.21
The kids love the tactile nature of having their hands in Modge Podge, and holding onto balloons.
  Step 4: Wrap the strips around the balloon. You can choose to cover the entire surface of the balloon, or leave areas uncovered for a more open look. If you leave areas uncovered by fabric, wipe away excess glue from the balloon in those areas. Make sure to either leave a whole at the bottom to remove the balloon after, or close it up completely and leave the popped balloon inside.

Michelle loves a good no-sew craft that will keep her 3 year old daughter entertained.
Michelle loves a good no-sew craft that will keep her 3 year old daughter entertained.
  Step 5: Set the finished balloons out to dry. This will take about 24 hours, depending on how hot and dry your climate is. In Austin, it didn't take long at all!

  Step 6: After the Modge Podge has dried, pop the balloons. You can remove them from the hole at the bottom, or jut leave them unseen, tucked up inside the fabric. 

  Step 7: Pile them in a beautiful vessel for a centerpiece that your children will be proud they made, or place hooks in them for your Christmas tree ornaments. 

 For a chance to win a beautiful bundle of Fabri-Quilt's Season's Greetings collection, please sign up to follow Inspired By Fabric, or like Fabri-Quilt on Facebook. Hop on over to my blog, Late Night Quilter, and leave a comment letting me know you've entered, and I will draw a winner using a Random Number Generator on Saturday morning October 18th, 2014. www,latenightquilter.com

The 12 Days of Christmas:


  1. I helped my girl scout troop make similar ornaments but we wrapped the fabric around Styrofoam balls and after drying gave them away to be hung on the tree in our state capitol. kthurn@bektel.com

  2. I think I'll make some for my niece to decorate with as she doesn't have a lot of Christmas decorations.

  3. love this project. It sounds li,e a great one for doing with my grandaughter! Love your FB page, there are many more great ideas on there!

  4. What a great project--very easy and colorful.

  5. I did something similar using polystyrene balls and school glue. They were a fun thing to do with my son when he was about five years old!

  6. A great project! Would be fun for my nieces and nephews to help with ! thanks!