Friday, October 3, 2014

Tutorial: Trick or Treat Bag

What's Halloween without a bag to hold candy in? This tutorial uses three prints from our Trick or Treat collection (plus black jumbo rick rack) to make a fun bag ready to fill with treats. Make one (or several!) before October 31st!

We've used the pumpkin and ghost print for the outer bag, the yellow spiderweb print for the lining, and the orange mini pumpkin print for an accent.

(See our entire Trick or Treat fabric collection here)
  • 1/3 yard ghost/pumpkin print
  • 1/2 yard yellow spiderweb print
  • 1/3 yard orange mini pumpkin print
  • 2" x 4" piece of a black solid
  • Black jumbo rick rack
  • Fusible web

Ghost/pumpkin print:
Two 8" x 13" pieces

Yellow spiderweb print:

Two 13" x 14" pieces
Two 2" x 12" strips

Orange mini pumpkin print:

Two 2-1/2" x 12" lengthwise strips
Two 2" x 13" strips
Two 5" x 13" pieces

Black jumbo rick rack:

Four 14" lengths

Make the Bag:

Step 1: Download the pdf of "Boo!" letters template page here. Trace the appropriate number of letters to spell out "Boo!" onto the paper side of fusible web. Fuse to the wrong side of the orange mini pumpkin print, making sure the pumpkin faces are oriented correctly.

Step 2: Adhere fusible web to the back of the 2" x 4" black solid piece. Trace two circle shapes, approximately 7/8" in diameter, onto the fusible web. (We used the cap of a glue stick as a circle shape.) Cut out the circles on the drawn lines. 
Step 3: Cut out the Boo! letters. Arrange the letters on one 8" x 13" ghost/pumpkin piece, centering from left to right and approximately 2-1/4" up from the bottom edge. Tuck a black circle inside each "O" as an eye. Fuse all pieces in place. Use a decorative stitch to secure the appliques in place. 

Step 4: To add rick rack to the top of appliqued ghost/pumpkin piece, lay out a length of rick rack and position the appliqued piece on it, right side down, so the "valleys" in the rick rack just show above the fabric edge. Pin in place. 

Step 5: Flip over so the fabric is right side up. Layer the 2" x 13" orange mini pumpkin strip on top, right side down, matching raw edges, with rick rack sandwiched in between. Make sure pumpkins on fabric are oriented correctly. Pin in place and stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat on bottom edge, using the 5" x 13" orange mini pumpkin strip.

Step 6: Add rick rack and orange mini pumpkin strips to the top and bottom of the remaining ghost/pumpkin piece to make the bag back. Trim rick rack on both bag front and back even with the fabric. Press so rick rack points down.

Step 7: Layer the bag front and back right sides together, matching seam allowances. Sew along the sides and bottom. Cut 2" squares from both bottom corners. 

Step 8: To box the corners, match the side and bottom seams and flatten fabric so raw edges are touching. Pin in place and stitch across the opening using a 1/4" seam allowance. Repeat on opposite side of the bag. 
Step 9: In the same manner, layer the two 13" x 14" yellow spiderweb pieces right sides together and sew both sides and the bottom, leaving an opening on the bottom for turning. 
Step 10: Layer a 2" x 12" yellow spiderweb strip right sides together with a 2" x 12" orange mini pumpkin strip. Sew along both long sides and turn right side out. Topstitch along both long edges if desired. 

Step 11: Position a handle on the front of the bag, matching raw edges and measuring 2-1/2" in from the outer edges to pin the handles in place. Repeat on bag back.

Step 12: Slide the outer bag, right side out, inside the lining, right side in. Match raw edges along the top edge, make sure handles are tucked inside. and pin in place. Stitch around the top edge of the bag using a 1/4" seam allowance. 

Step 13: Turn bag right side out through the opening in the lining. Slip stitch lining closed. Topstitch along the top edge of the bag.

Here's another look at the bag front:

And the bag back:

Now you're ready for trick or treating to begin!

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