Tuesday, October 21, 2014

12 Days of Christmas: Day 11

Christmas is only 64 days away!

It's the second-last day of our 12 Days of Christmas feature, providing you with plenty of holiday inspiration through our fabric collections and free patterns, as well as tutorials by some of our favorite blogging designers! Today Rebecca from Our Busy Little Bunch is sharing a quick and easy table topper design using our Season's Greetings collection. Make sure to check out all 12 days of fun and watch for opportunities to win a fat quarter bundle of some of our Christmas fabrics!

On the eleventh day of Christmas, we have:
A hexagon table topper made by Rebecca from Our Busy Little Bunch using the Season's Greetings collection (Did you know you can turn a rectangle into a hexagon with only one cut? Rebecca will show you how!)

For this project you will need:
  • 1/4 yard cut of three prints: center, border, binding/sashing
  • 3/4 yard cut for backing (or make it reversible for a year-round table topper)

center print - 14" x 12.5" rectangle
sashing - three strips 1" x 8" and three strips 1" x 9" (save extra fabric for binding)
border - three strips 6" x 9" and three strips 6" x 22"

Making the table topper:
Start by taking your center print, press it half, and then in half again so it is now in quarters. Place the 60 degree line on your ruler along the long folded edge of the fabric (you may have to flip your ruler like I did if your degree marks are not on both ends), with the short folded edge towards the bottom. Cut across this line. 

Open up your piece of fabric and press - it should now be a hexagon.

Take your three 8" pieces of sashing, center and stitch on every second edge. Press. Now take your ruler and trim the edges so that they extend the straight edge of the remaining three edges. 

Take your remaining three pieces of sashing, center and stitch on remaining edges. Press and trim with ruler.
Now repeat these steps to attach the borders. But when trimming off the excess, make sure to line up your ruler with the center hexagon to ensure straight edges.

And there you have it - your hexagon table topper just needs quilting and binding and it's done! The shape of this topper would look great on a round table, or a side coffee table. And if you'd like to see how I made mine reversible, and enter to win a fat quarter bundle of the Season's Greetings prints from Fabri-Quilt, just hop over to my blog Our Busy Little Bunch.


  1. Beautiful table topper. The fabrics are so pretty.

  2. Gorgeous!! & you made it look so Easy Peasy! :)

  3. That little project is certainly simple enough.

  4. Oh how cute! Now I NEED to make me one of these. Thanks for the great tutorial!
    Sandy A

  5. Hello, very interesting project and tutorial!
    Love the tip about cutting the centre hexagon from a rectangle! Tried it several times with a sheet of paper before nailing it (I didn't want to ruin a precious piece of fabric!).
    Before I actually start sewing, could you give us an idea of the finished size of the table topper? Either the length of one side of the outer hexagon or the whole width, perhaps? Thank you.

  6. Neat looking and wonderful fabrics♥️