Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pillowcase Sew-a-thon and Giveaway!

Our post today is all about pillowcases in honor of the 24-Hour Sew-a-thon being put on by American Patchwork & Quilting for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge! Check out some of our favorite pillowcases using our fabric, and then be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom for a chance to win one of three fabric kits to make pillowcases for charity. Find out more about the Sew-a-thon and the One Million Pillowcase Challenge here. (We're sponsoring the 22nd hour of the Sew-a-thon, so head over to see the Paintbrush Studio video on the APQ website!)

On to some pillowcase fun!

Nite Owls

Marblehead Global Brights

Christmas Flannels

Imagine This



Now for the giveaway! Each of these bundles includes enough fabric to make two pillowcases, which we hope you'll donate to the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. For a chance to win a bundle, sign up to follow our blog (see options in the right hand sidebar--either by email or through a blog reader) and leave a comment letting us know you're a follower, as well as if you've ever made a pillowcase before. The giveaway will be open through Wednesday, September 24th at 11:59 PM EST. We'll randomly select three winners and announce their names here on the blog on Thursday. 

Cassandra bundle:

Zany Zoo bundle:

Tweet bundle:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's your favorite fall foliage color?

Autumn is in the air, and that means that we'll soon be enjoying the gorgeous fall colors as leaves change from green to gold, red, orange, and brown. 
Not content to simply wait for Mother Nature to begin her annual paint job, we've created "forests" of trees using some of our favorite fall collections.

A New Leaf by Ro Gregg
Learn more about this collection here

Learn more about this collection here

Learn more about this collection here

 Learn more about this collection here

Learn more about this collection here

And with so many choices in the autumn color palette, 
Marblehead by Ro Gregg deserves a fuller, leafier tree! 
Learn more about this collection here

What fall fabrics that we've shown catch your eye? What would you make with them?

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Scavenger Hunt Time!

We've joined Create Kids Couture as a sponsor for their 50,000 Fan Scavenger Hunt, which starts today, Monday, September 15!

You can find the details on how to get started on the scavenger hunt (with 25+ sponsors participating, you can win some fantastic prizes!) right here. We'll be posting help to go along with the clues about our portion of the scavenger hunt on our Facebook page as well after the scavenger hunt kicks off. 

Don't miss it!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cool Blues

The calendar may still say summer, but the cooler (and quite un-September!) temps much of the country is experiencing this week suggest that fall and winter are looming right around the corner. 

Which means it's the perfect time to share Theresa Porter's "Wintertime in the Woods" quilt from the fall/winter issue of Fresh Quilts magazine--a cool quilt in more ways than one. 

This lap quilt has a wintry feel from the cool hues of the Winter Blues collection, mixed with white and a silvery gray, and it stitches up quickly so you can be curled up under it by the time the snow flies!

"Wintertime in the Woods" designed by Theresa Porter;
featured in Fresh Quilts magazine fall/winter 2014

Q. What attracted you to the Winter Blues collection?
Theresa: Love at first sight. Stunning blues, I love bare trees, great accent designs.  It's one of my favorite lines this year. My favorite print…probably the aqua smaller trees.  I love that color and again with the stark winter trees.

Q. How did you come up with the quilt design?
Theresa: The 'skeleton' of the design was in a sketch book I have. So many lines have a focal fabric that can't or shouldn't be cut down too much and I have a few outlines of future quilts with those fabrics in mind. From there I just start playing until I have something I like. I wish I were adept at using software but I'm still a grid paper and random loose sketches girl:)

Q. Why did you choose rectangular log cabin blocks rather than square?
Theresa: Two reasons: 1. I like the rectangle look…squares get boring:)  and 2. To get the length for a lap size quilt without making it too wide.  I could have used squares, but  busy people also want to be able to make a quilt quickly.  If the blocks are a bit bigger/longer, the project goes faster for them.

Q. Why did you choose gray/silver as a complement?
Theresa: It's wintery and I liked it:)

Q. Can you talk a bit about the elongated log cabin borders and why you used them?
Theresa: I like scrap quilts but they can be overwhelming visually for some and time consuming.  Adding just a bit of scrappy to this but toning down the colors made it fun. I do love log cabins also, though I didn't even really think about that when I designed this. I just sew until I like how it looks.

Q. How is the quilt machine quilted and how does that enhance the design?
Theresa: Something of a snow-swirling in the tree blocks and rectangles in the rest. Ditch work throughout. I like ditch work to give texture and definition to the quilt/blocks. I also like the simplicity of some geometric quilting.  It tones down the busier designs. The swirls … I was going for a snowy feel.

Q. What do you like best about the quilt?
Theresa: Fabri-Quilt's tree fabric:)  

Fresh Quilts magazine

See the entire Winter Blues collection here.
Find the fall/winter 2014 issue of Fresh Quilts magazine here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bella Quilts

Recently we interviewed Ro Gregg about her new collection, Bella. She talked about what inspired her to design the line, about her favorite print (the panel), and the luscious color palette. 
(If you missed Ro's interview, find it here.)

Today the inspiration we're offering is for you. One designer has used the beautiful Bella prints to design two different free quilt patterns. Download them today, ask for Bella at your local quilt shop, and get started on your project this weekend!

Garden Stroll by Marija Vujcic of Mara Quilt Designs
This queen size beauty will transform a room! And it uses just one simple block--the double four-patch--surrounding the center panel.
Download this free quilt pattern here.

Bella Chevron by Marija Vujcic of Mara Quilt Designs
This easy lap quilt is made using a snack pack of pre-cut 2-1/2" wide strips in the ever popular chevron design.
Download this free quilt pattern here.

View the entire Bella collection here and ask for it as your local quilt shop.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beauty of Bella

We're here to inject beauty into your Monday with an introduction to Ro Gregg's Bella collection. Ro pairs her specialty, traditional floral prints, with modern accents--ombre stripes, geometric black and cream prints, and rich tonals. Scroll down to feast your eyes on this gorgeous collection and read about how Ro designed it!

Q. What inspired the Bella collection?
Ro: The rose is my favorite flower. It actually is the queen of flowers. I am a romantic at heart and Bella is a traditional romantic collection with a contemporary flair, perfect for creating an updated cottage look.

Q. Can you tell us more about the roses you included?
Ro: Roses symbolize elegance and delicate beauty and are also the traditional symbol of love. I have designed the floral prints in varying sizes to create the perfect mix and matching of patterns for quilters to use.

Q. Tell us about your favorite print in the collection.
Ro: My favorite print is the 24" floral panel, which is a masterpiece of 17 screens that will make any quilt an heirloom with its display of roses in full bloom. The panel creates a center canvas for a quilt and works perfectly together with the other coordinates to make breathtaking projects.

Q. Can you talk about the color palette you chose?
Ro: The color palette includes delectable pastels showcased on dramatic black: vanilla cream, robin's egg blue, rose nectar, sage and peach frappe. Peach pink and coral roses symbolize sincerity, appreciation, desire, and enthusiasm which are all traits  of quilters.

Q. The ombre stripes and the border stripes are gorgeous! How did you come up with them?
Ro: I designed the ombre stripe print to add highlight color. It is very versatile and works perfectly as an all over print or a stripe. I also have incorporated the ombre stripe in a patched fashion within the floral stripe, where it gives the appearances of pieced work.

Q. How did you name the collection?
Ro: The name ''Bella'' means beautiful—it has an Italian/Latin origin. I believe the name speaks for the collection!

See the entire Bella collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The perfect Saturday morning

Last week, we shared some delicious-looking dessert recipes that seemed inspired by our Farmer John fruit fabrics. This week, with a Saturday farmer's market right around the corner, we thought we'd share some additional inspiration--projects we've pinned to make using Farmer John fruit and veggie fabrics. 

Our suggestion? Hit the local farmer's market first thing in the morning to stock up on all the glorious seasonal produce, stop by your local quilt shop on the way home to grab some of our Farmer John fabrics, and spend the afternoon immersed in fruits and veggies--both the edible and fabric versions.

Here are some projects that caught our eye:
Quilt-as-you-go placemats

Lattice quilt

Table runner

Pieced quilt back for a jar quilt

Head over to our Fruits & Veggies Pinterest page to find more ideas!
See the Farmer John fabrics here.