Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Coordinate for Every Project

The Classique collection may be our largest yet. It includes so many fabrics (210 prints!) that we've even given it its own slogan: "A coordinate for every project." 

We're not showing all 210 fabrics here; instead we've put together a sampling of the colors and motifs available for you to see. 

You can visit our website to see the entire collection and ask your local quilt shop to order your favorites.

Classique in cool colors:

Classique in warm colors:
Stop by later this week to see how some of these fabrics work with our favorite focal prints!
See the entire Classique collection here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Redo your bedroom with Renaissance style

Paisley motifs are one of those classic favorites, and designer Terry Albers let the paisley print in our Lauren collection take center stage in her new quilt, "Renaissance Medallion." This quilt, featured in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine, showcases 3 different blocks in a unique layout that gives the impression of being on point. 
(Hint: From a construction perspective, most of it isn't!) 
Keep reading to learn more about Terry's beautiful design.

"Renaissance Medallion" by Terry Albers; machine quilted by Mary Klein;
featured in  Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting March/April 2015

Q. What attracted you to the Lauren collection?
Terry: I just can't seem to resist a beautiful paisley! The Lauren line has such beautiful colors, making it easy to pull colors for blocks and accents. I find the combination both vibrant and peaceful.

Q. Do you have a favorite print in the collection?
Terry: It was the paisley that first grabbed my attention. It is beautifully detailed.

Q. Can you talk about your design?
Terry:   I created a medallion design for some friends by starting with a square and adding the pieced corners. It turned out really well so I added the layout to my sketchbook. I created my version of these blocks for a special quilt when my grandson was born. This design was the perfect opportunity for me to feature them again. The layout of these blocks gives the impression of being on-point for a little different look.

Q. And what about your fabric placement?
Terry: I used the companion fabrics to accent different parts of the blocks, trying to balance them for color interest and scale. The red was an easy choice for the pop of color, as pulling the red and rose from the paisley to give more life to the quilt. The first paisley border emphasizes the medallion look of the center and allowed me to use the paisley again.

Q. What do you like best about this quilt?
Terry:  I love the fabrics and the whole design seems to float (thanks to the first border). The end result is a bit unexpected and I like that. The unusual setting adds more interest.

Q. Any advice for someone making this design?
Terry:  It's just blocks and step at a time. I found it extremely helpful to mark all the parts as I cut. I pin a bit of paper with the block name on each part so that I could sort them into stacks for each block type.
Don't use tape or stickers because they tend to fall off or stick to something else.

Q. Tell us about the machine quilting.
Terry: My quilter is such an accomplished artist that I give her free rein. She used a combination of medallions to highlight some of the squares and rows of feathers in the borders. I am fortunate to have Mary Klein working on my quilts. Her long-arm skills enhance the beauty of the fabrics and the designs I create.

Q. What do you envision it being used for?
Terry: I plan to use the quilt in my guest bedroom. It is going to look stunning on my antique bed and complete feeling of a restful retreat in that room. If I had higher ceilings, I would be tempted to hang it on the wall above the bed, too.

Q. Anything else to share?
Terry: Fabri-Quilt has been coming out with a new paisley line almost every season and I've worked with most of them. I plan to keep my eyes open for the next one, too. The fabric has a beautiful hand and (for me) irresistible colors. No two are the same and each one inspires a different design

See the entire Lauren collection here.
Find out more about Terry and her designs here.
Buy the kit for the Renaissance Medallion quilt here.
Buy the digital version of this pattern here.
Find Love of Quilting magazine here.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Faves: 6 Animal Quilts

Happy Friday!
There's a new free quilt pattern up on our website featuring the Jungle Play collection. We love animal quilts, so we decided to share some of our favorites with you and on a Pinterest board. Download these pdf patterns and head to your local quilt shops to purchase the fabric. Happy sewing! 

1. "Jungle Play" by Pine Tree Country Quilts featuring Jungle Play
Download the free quilt pattern and see the fabrics here.

2. "Eggcellent Adventures" by Heidi Pridemore featuring Eggcellent Adventures
Download the free quilt pattern and see the fabrics here.

3. "Bear Hugs" by Pine Tree Country Quilts featuring Bear Hugs
Download the free quilt pattern and see the fabrics here.

4. "Wonky Zoo Pens" by Tresa McConachie featuring Zany Zoo
Download the free quilt pattern and see the fabrics here.

5. "Romance in Flight" by The Quilted Button featuring Who's Who by Ro Gregg
Download the free quilt pattern and see the fabrics here.

6. "Peek A Boo Nite Owl by Judy Hansen featuring Nite Owls
Download the free quilt pattern and see the fabrics here.

Looking for more? See additional animal-themed quilts on our Pinterest board here.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Make a Pillowcase!

We are once again sponsoring American Patchwork & Quilting's 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge in 2015, and we're excited to show you the two latest designs made in our fabric. 

Sawtooth Star
featuring the Who's Who collection by Ro Gregg
Download the pattern here.

Diamond in the Rough 
featuring the Tweet collection
Download the pattern here.

Learn more about the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge (the current count is in the 600,000s!), how you can get involved, and find 40+ additional pillowcase patterns here

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Name that animal!

American Wildlife...our latest collection, inspired by nature, and perfect for the nature and animal love in your life! 

Bonus points if you can correctly identify all ten animals!

Realistic animal prints are fun to work with, but let's face it--they need to be paired with some carefully chosen tonals so they can really shine. We've matched each of the prints above with three coordinating prints. Look for these fabrics at your local quilt shop and get started on your Animal Lovers' quilt today! (Prints are identified in clockwise order starting from the upper left)

1. Classique; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg; 4. Graphix 3

1. American Wildlife; 2. Graphix 3; 3. Marblehead by Ro Gregg; 4. Graphix 3

1. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz *by Ro Gregg; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Shadows; 4. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg

1. American Wildlife;  2. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg; 3. Classique; 4. Classique

1. American Wildlife; 2. Classique; 3. Changing Seasons*; 4. Classique

1. American Wildlife; 2. Graphix 3; 3. Classique; 4.  Batiks

1. Shadows; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Shadows; 4. Marblehead by Ro Gregg

1. American Wildlife; 2. Classique; 3. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg; 4. Changing Seasons

1. Classique; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Classique; 4.Classique

1. Batiks; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Classique; 4. Classique

See the entire American Wildlife collection here.
*Changing Seasons and Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz will be available in quilt shops in April.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Make your own Washington Pavement block!

In honor of President's Day, we showed you a few blocks with presidential connections using the Vera Cruz collection. Today we're back with the cutting and assembly directions for the Washington's Pavement block.

To make this block, cut:
From the white solid:
(4) 2-5/8" squares
(3) 4-1/4" squares, then cut each diagonally in half twice
(2) 2-3/8" squares, then cut each diagonally in half once

From the green zigzag:
(8) 2-5/8" squares

From the blue floral:
(1) 2-5/8" square

From the paisley:
(4) 2-5/8" x 6-7/8" pieces

Step 1: Assemble (4) 2-5/8" white squares, (4) 2-5/8" green zigzag squares and (1) 2-5/8" blue floral square into a ninepatch.

Step 2: Sew (2) 4-1/4" white triangles to a 2-5/8" green zigzag square. Add a 2-3/8" white triangle to the top. Stitch a 2-5/8" x 6-7/8" paisley piece to the bottom. Make 4. (Triangles are cut larger and will need to be trimmed after block is assembled.)

Step 3: On two of the units from step 2, add 4-1/4" white triangles to the short sides of the paisley piece.

Step 4: Sew the remaining units from step 2 to opposite sides of the ninepatch. 

Step 5: Sew the units from step 3 to the remaining sides of the ninepatch. Square up the block to 1/4" past points so it measures 12-1/2" square.

You're done!

And just for fun, here's what nine Washington Pavement blocks look like in a quilt.

Block Assembly Source: Civil War Quilts
Find more details for making this block, as well as its history and variations (hint: with different fabric placement, this is also the classic Album Block!) at Civil War Quilts as well.

See the entire Vera Cruz collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Briarcliff: Classic Romance

Briarcliff...the very name evokes thoughts of classic romance in an English Manor. Detailed paisleys and floral scrolled motifs pair with matching coordinates for a beautiful, traditionally-inspired fabric line. 

 Briarcliff in fresh spring-like colors:

Briarcliff in traditional home-dec inspired colors:

Take a closer look at a few of these prints:

Click here to see the entire Briarcliff collection and ask for it at your local quilt shop.