Saturday, March 30, 2013

Elite Eight!

Here's the updated Elite Eight bracket...

p.s. Our earlier brackets had a mistake (one team shown in a color was not one of the school colors). Do you know which team had the wrong color? Let us know! (It's been fixed here.)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bracket Update: Halfway to the Elite Eight!

Just popping in with a quick bracket update after last night's March Madness basketball games. We're halfway to our Elite Eight, shown here in Marblehead colors. At the moment, there are a surprising number of yellows left. We'll see how that changes through the weekend! 

Who are you cheering for, either in the actual tournament or in our Marblehead Madness version?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School Girls in Red

Last month, we shared a tutorial from Rebecca using the Lady in Red collection by Ro Gregg. Today we're back with another quilt made from these stunning fabrics, called "School Girls in Red."

"School Girls in Red" by Cathy Miles;
featured in Easy Quilts Summer 2013

You can find the pattern for this dramatic lap quilt in the summer issue of Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts magazine. Below, Cathy Miles shed some light on her block choice, fabric picks and machine quilting. 

Q. Tell us about the School Girl's Puzzle block you used.
Cathy: I was playing with blocks in EQ7 and changing the values of the various pieces, as it often is a surprise when the darks & lights are shifted to different positions. I liked the effect of the 'x' & 'o' that is created when the block direction shifts rather than having them all point one way. The block is one I haven't used much and I was trying to use something traditional in a non-traditional way.

Q. What does this quilt make you think of?
Cathy: While I was making it my name for this quilt was ''Bonnie Jean." The school girl theme and roses had me humming the song from ''The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie,'' which starts with ''Jean, Jean, roses are red..."

Q. What attracted you to the Lady in Red collection?
Cathy: The combination of black, white and red have a lot of appeal, and I have wanted to design a quilt in this color group for a while. I liked the variety of florals in the group: big roses, little roses, roses on black, roses on white, plus a few geometrics for contrast.

Q. Do you have a favorite print from Lady in Red?
Cathy: The big red on red roses used for the border.

Q. What do you like best about the quilt?
Cathy: A few things: I like the balance of this quilt, how the blocks make 'x' & 'o' designs, and how the contrasting sashing frames the blocks without interrupting the flow of the design.

Q. What prompted you to design the quilt?
Cathy: I wanted a cozy throw for the couch. The colors in my living room are very low key and after the Christmas decorations are packed away, it can look pretty blah. This made a nice transition for those gloomy winter days when a little drama and color seems like a welcome change.

Q. Tell us about the machine quilting.
Cathy: I have great fun with the long arm machine, creating designs and generally doing what I call 'driving the big guy.' This one is quilted in a free hand spiral, it fills the space evenly and I used red thread.

p.s. Do you see the "X"s and "O"s that Cathy talks about in her design? Leave a comment telling us where you see them!  

To see the entire Lady in Red collection, click here.
To order a kit for this quilt, click here.
To find the summer 2013 issue of Easy Quilts, click here.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sweet Sixteen!

The first full weekend of the NCAAA basketball tournament is over, and it's time for a bracket quilt recap! The great thing about about the bracket quilt? Unlike a paper bracket, you don't have to worry about guessing the wrong team. You can simply enjoy the Marblehead colors. 
Here's where we stand in the Sweet Sixteen: 
Definitely some surprise colors making a run! Who do you think we'll see in the Final Four?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Bracket Quilt: Round 1

If you're a basketball fan, it was a wild round of March Madness. Plenty of upsets and down-to-the-wire close games. 
It doesn't show off the drama and excitement, but the updated digital bracket quilt, made with Marblehead, below shows the winners!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marblehead March Madness

We've decided to play along in the NCAA Men's Basketball March Bracket Madness, only with a twist. We're not pretending to know who will win--we'll leave those brackets to ESPN!

Instead, we've picked a Marblehead print to match each team's school colors and created a color bracket instead.

Each day, we'll update our bracket based on who wins the games played. By the time the National Championship rolls around on April 8, we'll have a digital quilt that tells the story of the tourney.

We hope you'll follow along!
Did you fill out a basketball bracket this year? We'd love to hear...who do you think will win it all? Feel free to comment by school name or color!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tutorial: Mirror, Mirror Pillow

Roseann from Rosebud's Cottage is back with a blogging design ring tutorial!

She's sharing her design for the "Mirror, Mirror Pillow" using the bold Fashionista fabrics by Ro Gregg. If you've ever considered doing something a little less "by the book," we think you'll love Roseann's asymmetrical project. A little bit of piecing, a little applique, and a whole lot of fun!

Before we pass you over to Roseann, one more thing--read down through to the bottom of the post to see how to enter the giveaway!

Here's Roseann:

When Fabri-Quilt sent me the yardage of Fashionista, I knew I didn't want to make the pieces too small. They were all so cute! I was getting my hair cut and my stylist handed me a mirror to show me the back ... and that's when it hit me about how I could use the fabric ... especially the one with the faces. I love how the faces look in the mirror. The pillow is big and looks great on my bed. Now I guess I need to make a quilt to go with it!

To make this 20" square pillow, you'll need the following Fashionista fabrics:

1 fat quarter of the mottled red

1 fat quarter of the faces print

1 fat quarter of the lipstick print

1 fat quarter of the shoe print

1/3 yard of the mottled black

3/4 yard of the mottled red/black for backing

Click here to download the pdf and the mirror template pieces for the Mirror, Mirror pillow.

Head over to Roseann's blog for a few additional close-up photos, some helpful tips, and a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of the Fashionista collection!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Even More Photo Inspiration

Here are some additional photos we've received. 

Diane sent in two photos, as well as her fabric picks. Gorgeous!

Here's what she used:
4. Focus

Here's what she used:

And Whiskers sent in this beautiful fall photo, which we matched up with some of our favorite prints.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo! It's been fun showing these off.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Floral Trellis Topper

If we talk about spring often enough, one of these days it will actually start! (Right?)

The pattern for this lovely spring floral quilt, featuring the Silhouettes collection, is in the April/May issue of The Quilter magazine.
"Floral Trellis Topper"
by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar
of Pine Tree Country Quilts

Q. Tell us about your design.
Sue: We were asked to design a small table topper with a spring-y feel. We chose a simple Nine-Patch center set diagonally--we try to keep topper
centers plain because so many people set something on them. Nothing like a bunch of piecing seams to make a vase of flowers wobble! Plus, who wants to cut a lot of little pieces and do a whole bunch of stitching just to cover it up with
a bowl or basket of fruit or another centerpiece?

Q. How about the piecing in the corners? They really enhance the center Nine-patch.
Sue: The corners around the center are a different matter. We added some smaller piecing to set off the center and to repeat the fabric that would most likely be covered in the middle of the topper. We also knew that we would use the large floral for the border so we wanted something a bit plain to separate it from the print in the middle. We used the tonal fabrics with just a little print and then the dark green to set it all off.

Q. How was the topper quilted?
Sue: Sandy used an edge-to-edge feather design for the quilting. It definitely gives a graceful, flowery look but adds lots of stability to something that may be washed more frequently than a bed quilt or throw."

See the entire Silhouettes collection here.
Find the kit for the Floral Trellis Topper here.
Find The Quilter magazine here.

Monday, March 11, 2013

More Photo Inspiration

Have you sent us a photo yet? Tuesday is the deadline! You can either send a photo and we'll match fabric swatches to it, or choose your own swatches and send us your pairings. Either way, we'll choose several to show off on the blog. Read more here.

Here are two gorgeous photos we've received, complete with coordinating swatches. Enjoy!

From Erin:

From Jennifer:

Friday, March 8, 2013

Folk Heart Sawtooth Star Pattern

There's nothing we love more than seeing our fabrics in use! Earlier this week we shared a link on Facebook to a kit from North Beach Fabric, which uses a huge array of Marblehead prints in a gorgeous Judy Niemeyer pattern (click here if you missed it on Facebook!).

Today it's a link to Quilt magazine's Fabric Stash, a feature that shows new and old favorite blocks in current fabric lines. Debra Finan, the magazine's editor, used Folk Heart in a classic block design, the Sawtooth Star. 

Don't you love how the gold floral pops against the black and cream background? Imagine an entire quilt made of this block, switching out the star points with the red and green prints as well.

You can find the free pattern for this block here.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taste of spring, photo style!

As yet another snowstorm is making its way across the U.S. (apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo that March is supposed to begin leading into nicer weather!), we'd like to offer a tantalizing taste of spring.

We've taken photos of crocuses, tulips, and bleeding hearts and matched them up with swatches of some of our favorite Fabri-Quilt prints. Below each image, we've listed the selected fabrics.

How'd we do? Do you like our choices? 

Have you ever tried something like this? It's a great exercise because you work solely based on color and often mix and match collections that you wouldn't have considered putting together. 

Want to play along? Pick your own photo and match up coordinating Fabri-Quilt prints from our website. Email us your photo and selected fabric prints (you can right click and save the digital swatches from our website on a PC, or simply drag them into a folder on a Mac), and we'll share some of our favorites here on the blog. 
If we share your picture, you might win a fat quarter bundle! 

Send your photos to fabriquiltblog (at) by Tuesday, March 12th for a chance to win. 

One more can also simply email us a photo and we'll choose a couple that are sent in and match fabrics for you. You won't be eligible to win by just sending a photo, but if you'd like to see how your favorite picture matches up with our fabric, send away!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tutorial: Two-Color Quilt

Today, Rebecca who blogs over at Our Busy Little Bunch is sharing a tutorial for a quilt made from large quarter-square triangles--simple, yet beautiful! After you check out her tutorial, head over to her blog for a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Lady in Red. 

After seeing the beautiful Lady In Red fabric line from Ro Gregg, my first thought was to make a quilt showing off the stunning contrast of black and red.  I wanted to make this a quick quilt project, and I think the following tutorial would be a perfect beginner project for a quilter - it helps to practice all the necessary and precise quilting rules, but gets you a quick finish to help you fall in love with the world of quilting.

Supplies Needed:
1/2 yard cuts of four assorted red fabrics
1/2 yard cuts of three assorted black fabrics
1 yard cut of a black fabric (for blocks and binding)
3 yards of backing fabric (will be cut in half and pieced together)
Batting measuring 60" x 70"

First, cut out three 14" squares from your four red and four black fabrics.  Then pair them up in red/black color combinations, placing each pair right sides together.  With a pen and ruler, draw a line on the diagonal between two of the corners. Pin in each corner and center to hold in place.

Sew 1/4" on either side of the drawn line.  Do this for each pair.  Then with your ruler and rotary cutter, cut along the drawn line.  

Press each new square. You now have half-square triangle units.

Pair up the half-square triangle units, and place right sides together - making sure to place black half of fabric on top of red, and red half on top of black.  Draw a new line from one corner to opposite corner, your new seams will flow over the seam you just made.  Pin the block in each corner and on center, making sure that the seam is centered.

Just like above, sew 1/4" on either side of the drawn line.  Do this for each pair.  Then with your ruler and rotary cutter, cut along the drawn line.  Press each new square.  You now have quarter-square triangle units.

Lay out your quarter-square triangle units in a random fashion, making a diamond pattern of red and black throughout the design.  Keep playing with the layout until you are pleased with it.  Then sew the blocks together in rows, press, and sew the rows together to give you a finished quilt top.  (You will have four blocks leftover - these are perfect for a couple throw-pillows or a table runner - a small project is a great way to practice your quilting before you tackle this quilt).

Now cut your backing fabric in half so you will have two one and a half yard pieces, and sew those pieces together to form a large 80" x 54" piece.  Press and then cut it down to 70" wide if desired (the quilt top should be approx 50" x 62").  Then use your favorite method of basting to baste the backing, batting and quilt top layers together.  Then you're ready to quilt - I chose to do straight-line quilting on either side of the ditch on the diagonal seams.  And last, bind it with your leftover black fabric.  

And there you have it - a quick and striking two color quilt.  I think this quilt would look stunning in other two-color fabric combinations as well.  Check out the selection of Fabri-Quilt prints to get you inspired!

Rebecca @ OurBusyLittleBunch

Friday, March 1, 2013

Emerald...the new black

Well, not exactly. 
It's hard to imagine "little emerald dress" replacing the classic "little black dress."
But emerald is *the* color of 2013. 

Every year Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, announces the color of the year. In 2012, it was Tangerine Tango. In 2013, it's Emerald. 

Courtesy of Pantone

Based on the mixed response the color choice has gotten, it seems that Emerald is a color that grows on you. But search "emerald" on Google or on Pinterest and you'll find inspiration for ways to weave this color into your life--wardrobe accessories, pillows for splashes of color on your couch, even nail polish (really?). 

As for us here at Fabri-Quilt, we are already fans of Emerald thanks to a couple rich, textured prints designed by Ro Gregg. 

Here's Emerald, Marblehead style. 

And a print with extra sparkle, from A Star is Born.

If the idea of Emerald has gotten your creative juices flowing, there's even an Emerald Quilt Challenge hosted by the blog a.squared.w, open through March 17 (St. Patrick's Day; how appropriate!). 
You can read the rules here and check out some of the quilt entries here

Find some more emerald inspiration from the folks at Pantone here
(Not necessarily fabric-related, but eye candy all the same!)

And green lovers, stay tuned! Leading up to everyone's favorite leprechaun holiday, we'll be sharing some of our favorite green prints over the next couple weeks.