Friday, January 19, 2018

Simple Solids

When is the last time you made a two-color project? When you eliminate color variety and prints from a project, it's all about the design. 

Inspired by Corey Yoder's Stitch and Switch Pillow done in prints and featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Quilts & More, quilt tester Jan Ragaller created this version using our Painter's Palette Solids. A two-color star block--simple, yet graphic impact. We love it! 

Barn Star Pillow by Jan Ragaller.
A color option variation for Corey Yoder's Stitch and Switch Pillow,
featured in Quilts & More's Spring 2018 issue. 

Find the pattern to make the Barn Star Pillow here.
See all 168 colors of our Painter's Palette Solids here and ask for them at your local quilt shop.
Find Quilts & More here.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Freeform 2 Is a Hoot!

We're glad that you love the new Freeform 2 prints as much as we do! We've been having fun playing with these cool oranges, grays and browns. Our first thought? The colors and textures are perfect for an owl. 

We used this tutorial from The Objects of Design to piece an owl, and then transformed him into a throw pillow. Hoot hoot! We're in love!

See the entire Freeform 2 collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Introducing Freeform 2

If you loved our Freeform collection a while back, wait until you see this fantastic new color combination! A range of cool grays, warm oranges, and rich browns. These prints have the appearance of batiks, but they aren't. Each print is better than the next, and they work beautifully together.

Which print would fit well in your stash? 

Small Dots




Pine Tree Country Quilts used the orange and gray prints (plus two Painter's Palette Solids!) to make the Freeform II quilt--all half-square triangles and four-patches.
This pattern is a free download on our website.
Download the free quilt pattern here.

See the entire collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Warm Up Winter with a New Quilt Project!'s the perfect time to start a new quilt project! We're sharing some of our favorite free quilt patterns from our website below; use the links to download and print the pattern, and then head to your local quilt shop (or online) to purchase the fabrics.

"A Flutter of Color" 
Designed by Linda Frost; Pattern by Reeze L. Hanson 
Featuring the Painter's Palette Solids collection
Download the free quilt pattern here.

"Lost World" 
Designed by Pine Tree Country Quilts
featuring the Lost World collection
Download the free quilt pattern here.

"Pretty Foxy"
designed by Pine Tree Country Quilts
featuring the Pretty Foxy collection by Ro Gregg
Download the free quilt pattern here.

"Thoroughly Modern Zig Zag" 
Designed by Virginia Robertson
featuring Thoroughly Modern by Virginia Robinson
Download the free quilt pattern here.

"Mountain View" designed by Pine Tree Country Quilts
featuring the Mountain View collection by Ro Gregg
Download the free quilt pattern here.

"Walkabout II" designed by Hedgehog Quilts
featuring the Walkabout II collection
Download the free quilt pattern here.

See a range of free quilt patterns here.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Grandma's Spools

Do you have fond sewing memories of your grandma? Barb Eikmeier turned her memories into a quilt, Grandma's Spools, using her Waddington Road fabric collection. The quilt was recently featured in Quiltmaker magazine. Keep reading to learn more about Barb's design. 
"Grandma's Spools" designed by Barbara J. Eikmeier and quilted by Theresa Ward;
featured in Quiltmaker magazine Jan-Feb 2018

Q. How did you come up with the spool theme for this quilt?
BE: My Waddington Road collection is named after the road my grandmother, Mary Martin, lived on. She was a professional dressmaker, and she sewed on a treadle sewing machine. I chose the spool motif to honor my grandmother. The four-spool block is actually called Secret Drawers, which was perfect because my grandma kept her thread in the drawers of her treadle machine cabinet.

Q. Tell us more about that block.
BE: I came across it in the EQ library. In its traditional coloration, it doesn’t look like spools, but when I changed the color placement, it did. I liked that it had triangles in the corner because those tend to make great secondary designs. I added them to the large hourglass block as well. After playing around a bit, I realized that if I reversed the colors of the corner triangles, I would get hourglasses in the block corners.

Q. Tell us about your fabric choices.
BE: I decided on the tan button print first. I wanted that to be a main part of the quilt. I used Painter’s Palette Solids in Rice Paper as the light to add contrast. I really like how the Rice Paper makes the tan look sharper and more crisp. Then I chose all of the greens, golds, reds and blues in collection for the actual spools. I chose the red print for the border because of the buttons.

Q. How was this quilt machine quilted?
BE: Theresa Ward did the quilting. We chose  an overall swirly design. After she finished, we both commented on how the quilting almost looked like thread spiraling off the pieced spools.

Q. What is your favorite part of this quilt?

BE: I like the emotional connection it gives me to my grandmother.

See the entire Waddington Road collection here.
Purchase a digital version of Barb's pattern here.
Find Quiltmaker magazine here.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Pssst...Take a Peek at Our New Website!

You might have noticed a change on our blog recently. 
(hint...look to the left to see our new logo!)

The new logo was the first step toward an exciting visual update we've been working on: 
a new website

We invite you to pop over to and browse around. The website still has all of the information you're looking for--fabric swatches, SKUs, links to free downloadable quilt patterns. The difference? The packaging! It's clean, bright, with plenty of appealing eye candy. 

Here are a few screenshots to get you started:

Painter's Palette Solids:

Visit the site to see more and make sure to bookmark it!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Here's to 2018...

Welcome to 2018! 
We wish you a happy and healthy new year!
We're excited for everything this new year holds, and we look forward to sharing plenty of fabric inspiration with you!