Thursday, October 9, 2014

12 Days of Christmas: Day 3

Christmas is only 76 days away!

Our 12 Days of Christmas feature continues...with Judy Hansen's Nutcracker Christmas collection. Over twelve days, we'll be sharing our holiday fabrics as well as ideas we love on how to use them. Be sure to stop by every day for Christmas fabric and project inspiration!

On the third day of Christmas, we have:

Nutcracker Christmas by Judy Hansen

We asked Judy to talk to us about Nutcracker Christmas. Here's what she said:

On the nutcracker theme:
I went to the Nutcracker in Tampa with my daughter last year around the holidays. I was struck by the soldiers—such an incredible performance with the soldiers in unison. That got me thinking about using the nutcracker idea in fabric. I looked at different nutcrackers and researched the history to develop the line.

On how nutcrackers run in the family:
My daughter danced in the nutcracker when she was younger, and her husband, my son-in-law has his own nutcracker collection. I know a lot of people with nutcracker collections—they're popular!

On her favorite print in the collection:
I think it would have to be the candy canes—they're mixed in with peppermints. The yellow background is my favorite; it's so nice and bright.

On the color palette:
I like primary colors for Christmas—bright red and green, plus blue. I do think the bright yellow is a nice change-up from a golden yellow. Then the prints are accented with metallic gold.

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Judy designed A Nutcracker Christmas Bargello using her fabric collection.
Download the free pattern pdf here.

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  1. Peppermints and stars. I like the nutcracker vignettes as well.

  2. Love the details on the nutcrackers!
    Sandy A

  3. Another great collection for you, Judy!


  5. Love the fabrics that Connie used in her runner for this 12 days of Christmas Hop. A Nutcracker Christmas is a great Collection too. Love the Quilt made with this line.

  6. The nutcracker fabric would make special ornaments.

  7. Very pretty quilt. These are beautiful fabrics.