Friday, May 23, 2014

Come tour our booth!

Welcome to our little virtual tour of the Fabri-Quilt/Paintbrush Studio booth from Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh! 

We'll give you an overview and then get in close at some of the details so you can see the fabric and quilts featured.

From the aisle:

The chair covers are made from Imagine This! fabric. If you look closely, you can see the paint palette-shaped tables, echoing the Paintbrush Studio logo.

 A view from the opposite side. That's the Fabulous Frames quilt featuring the Elemental Lines collection right in the middle--you can find the free pattern here.

A view from the corner--love the ruffled skirt made out of the indigo prints from Bella Casa!

That's the Circles and Squares quilt using the Cosmopolitan collection on the back wall (find the free pattern here!).

And hanging off the top edge? A tote made using green cowhide with a touch of Cosmopolitan. And the yellow behind the tote? that's cowhide too! More on the cowhide to'll love it!

The Designing Duo's Imagine This! played prominently in the booth--in addition to the chair covers, you can see one of Linda Carlson's quilts using the fabrics draped over the table here.

And a few more hanging on the wall, as well as some bags and purses. 

 A good look at the free pattern quilt, also named "Imagine This."

Rolls of our vibrant batiks displayed on the wall. Have you seen them? Check out all 70+ colors and designs here!

Remember Piccadilly from this post? Here it's used in a trendy patchwork vest.

We even had a garden growing--our "Snack Packs": packages of pre-cut 2-1/2" wide strips. What a bouquet those would make!

And finally, we introduced a program we're really excited about: an upcoming Block of the Month club featuring the new Windsor Woods collection.

Here's a photo of the BOM quilt; make sure you ask about it at your local quilt shop!

We hope you enjoyed this brief tour of our Quilt Market booth!


  1. Wow.Looks fabulous.Thanks for sharing!!

  2. You really made everyone's collections stand out so creatively! Such excitement at every angle, too! Thanks a million times for using all 5 of my "Imagine This!" quilts, bags, dress and on the chairs! It looked so cheerful and inviting! Diana and I, the Designing Duo were very happy to see so many at our School House Fabri-Quilt sponsored titled, "Modern Ideas For Modern Fabrics".

  3. What a beautiful booth!! Love the batiks, snack pack and the new Block of the Month looks neat!