Friday, May 16, 2014

Headed to the Farmer's Market...Farmer John is back!

While we're at Quilt Market, we'll keep with the "market" theme:

It's almost farmer's market season again...bushels and baskets full of deliciously tempting fruits and veggies, ready to eat! 

We've got great news: Farmer John is back with a new line of fruit and veggie prints! 
Doesn't your mouth water just looking at them? Juicy peaches, crisp string beans, plump strawberries...yum, yum yum! 

Ask for these Farmer John fabrics at your local quilt shop and see the entire collection here.

After you're sufficiently hungry from all these tasty fabrics, head over to our Fruits & Veggies Pinterest board for some inspiration on how to use them!

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