Thursday, May 23, 2013

It started with an elephant...

Designing the booth for Quilt Market is one of the really fun parts of the job. 

Last week, we offered a sneak peek at one of our new fabric lines debuting at Market, Mystic Forest, and some of the decorations for the booth that it inspired. Today, we'll give you the whole booth tour.

The booth featured Mystic Forest in its three different colorways/themes:
  • Elephants in orange, magenta, pink and lime
  • Monkeys in blue, pink, purple and lime
  • Bears in blue, yellow, orange and lime
As well as some fun quilts and projects featuring Marblehead Global Brights and Pleasing Pastels.

Now on to your tour!

The front of the booth, with a cool purple tree growing circular Marblehead "leaves," and plenty of projects made from the bear colorway of Mystic Forest. Do you recognize Jessica Toye's Sunset Boulevard Marblehead quilt hanging from a branch? 

A closer look--check out that beehive! We love the huge flower floor pillow too.

On to the elephant corner:

"Pinwheels and Pachyderms" designed by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar of Pine Tree Country Quilts, accompanied by a coordinated painted elephant.  

"Elephant Parade," also by Sue and Sandy

  Don't you love how these fabrics look in children's clothes and accessories?

Two quilts from the monkey colorway:

"Block Party Chenille" by Judy Hansen
We'll have more on this quilt later in the year...mod chenille...

Did you have (or make) a yo-yo clown when you were a child? We had a few Marblehead Global Brights yo-yo figures in the booth.

And there's our booth! Please leave a comment if you have a question about any of the patterns you see in these photos. You'll definitely be seeing some of them again, and we'll let you know where and when!


  1. Love that elephant fabric so fun. What size are the elephants ? Thanks

    1. The elephants measure 5" across in size. So slightly smaller than the real-life version! :)

  2. The booth looks fabulous and the elephants are super cute!!

  3. Oh! I love the elephants! When is this fabric going to be available? and the patterns for the 2 quilts?

    1. Glad you like them! The fabric will be available shortly! We'll post more info on the quilt patterns when we get it.

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  5. I love all 5 of the quilts!! I will take one kit of each please, they would make me great chemo throws. Hey, just because i am fast approaching 57 doesnt mean i cant like whimsical besides it makes me smile.