Monday, May 13, 2013

A Floral Star

What's the best way to make a focal fabric stand out? 
Surround it by a great cast of coordinates. 

Lucy Fazely and Barb MacDonald did just that in their "Eastern Journey" wall hanging, featured in The Quilter magazine. Lucy chose her favorite print from the Asian Garden collection, the packed floral, and built larger and larger stars out from it. 
The result? An eye-catching wall hanging or table topper!
"Eastern Journey"  by Lucy Fazely and Barb McDonald;
featured in The Quilter magazine June-July 2013 issue.

Q. What attracted you to the Asian Garden line? 
Lucy: The rich colors with gold overlays. I love floral fabrics and the packed floral and lilac blooms are absolutely gorgeous.

Q. How did you choose which prints to use? 

Lucy: I started with those florals as the central focus and then selected the fabrics I felt best brought out those rich color in the florals. Even though the other fabrics in the line are beautiful, I felt many of them were too busy to put into this quilt because I wanted the florals to be the star.

Q. Why the medallion style star design? 

Lucy: I wanted to stay true to the Asian theme. Stars and medallion motifs are often found in Asian art, which made the medallion star a natural choice.

Q. What do you like best about the quilt? 

Lucy: The way the bright florals are enhanced by the purple, gold, black, green and red tonal fabrics.

Q. What do you see the quilt being used for? 

Lucy: It was designed as a table topper, but would also be nice on a wall. In the right fabrics, it could be made as a baby quilt. (Note: Watch for a post on our new baby collection, Mystic Forest, coming soon!)

Q. Anything else interesting to share about the quilt? 

Lucy: This is an easy-to-make quilt. I designed it with quick corner triangles to make it a quick project. It’s also a great project to make in different colorways for each season.

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