Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Power of a Pillowcase

Is yours white? Blue? Striped? Every night you lay your head on one, likely without giving it a second thought. Yep, we're talking pillowcases.

A pillowcase can mean so much to so many. This simple idea, combined with the opportunity for quilters to make a difference locally, is why we are proud to be involved with AP&Q's One Million Pillowcase Challenge, and also so excited to be part of this blog hop.

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And now, back to the purpose of today's post, pillowcases...)

Quilters from the Kalamazoo Log Cabin Guild helped us transform 35 yards of our favorite prints into 25 cheery, brightly colored pillowcases to donate.

Guild members met at the local Saturday morning hang out, the Bernina Sewing Center & Quilt Shop of Kalamazoo, to get sewing. Shop owner Karen Kortman says, ''I thought making pillowcases was an easy thing people could do,'' and she's right! Using the roll-up pattern, guild members sewed each pillowcase in about 20 minutes—so quick!

After the Guild's October meeting, all accumulated pillowcases will be donated to Family & Children Services, an agency that offers behavioral health and child welfare programs and services in the area. Seeing the bright results of a day of sewing, it's easy to imagine the joy a child or parent will experience when they receive a fresh, new pillowcase, sewed with love. Thank you, ladies!

Sherri Tucker sews a pillowcase ''burrito'' on her featherweight.

An accent strip adds a little extra color to the basic roll-up pattern.

Roxanne Nigg creates the French seam on a Marblehead pillowcase.

Joanne Dubnicka loves the gorgeous swirls of this elegant case, 
made with the Dancing Cranes fabric.

Garden Whimsy makes a cheery pillowcase, shown off by Karen Kortman.

Continuing the Challenge
We want to continue helping American Patchwork & Quilting toward their goal of 1,000,000 pillowcases. Will you help too?
Leave a comment telling us why you want to make pillowcases and what charity you would donate them to. We will randomly choose one commenter and send him/her fabric to sew cases in the push for one million. Every pillowcase counts! Leave your comment by Wednesday, October 3rd at 11:59 PM EST for a chance to receive fabric to make charity pillowcases. Check back on Thursday, October 4th to see if your comment was selected.

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  1. I would give mine to the local Alternatives to Violence to use as they need. I have a pile of fabrics set aside for pillow cases. They need some accent fabrics to go with them. I'm sure it will take longer to cut them out than it will to stitch them up.

  2. I plan on making some pillow cases for cancer survivors. Specifically my 80 yr old Aunt. She had been Cancer free for 15 yrs, but recently had to have a tumor on her arm removed. She got some gift cards for her birthday. Yesterday's conversation told me she went to Target and got 2 new pillows...for her chair and car. She mentioned that she needed some pillow cases for them....Cue the good niece to get busy and make her some :)and a few more to donate!!

  3. Our weekly sit n see group make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer and our local women's shelter. I have fabric set aside, but like others I need novellty fabrics to go with them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I've made about 10 pillowcases. Some were sent to ConKerr and others went to my LQS, and I think they sent them to the local hospital. I would gladly make some more, and look for a local place that would give them to someone who needs a hug. Thanks.

  5. I've made nine pillowcases so far and will continue making them. I want to continue donating my pillowcases to our local shelter services. It feels so good to be able to give back in this way.

  6. I would send my to the ConKer Cancer (I think that's how it is spelled) a group to gives these to kids, started by the mom of a boy who lost his battle.

  7. Our local Women's shelter has recently requested pillow cases so that's where I would donate them.

  8. This past Sunday we lost my mother'n law, my husband's mom & children's grandmother to 2 forms of cancer. The Hospice House that cared for her was so sweet, and they always had clean sheets on her bed. The last day, she had a beautiful set of floral sheets w/matching pillowcase, which was not what she had the two days prior, that I would make the pillowcases for the hospice house, in memory of mom and as a thank you gift for their service. I am most certain that the staff as well as the families would really enjoy something special for those who need these special care services.

    My other heart passion is for infants and young children, and am looking into doing something for the Chad Center in Lebanon, NH to brighten the lives of children there.

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  11. My grand mum loves your blog. Last month she gifted me this cute accent pillow.