Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marbled Beauty: Tuscan Mosaic

 Our Marblehead fabrics have been incredibly popular because of their versatility and the rich depth of colors. Did you know that the line also includes a few prints? Appropriately, these prints look like intricately tiled marble floors. We think you'll really like playing with them!

Tuscan Mosaic
featured in The Quilter magazine, November 2012

Designed by: Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar of Pine Tree Country Quilts
Featured in: The Quilter magazine, November 2012 issue
Fabric: Marblehead collection by Ro Gregg

At first glance, this show-stopping quilt appears to be meticulously appliquéd. Impressive, but not every quilter wants to cut and stitch all.those.tiny.pieces. Good news! These gorgeous block designs are preprinted, ready to be cut out and added to your design.

Sue and Sandy offered a look behind the scenes at their Tuscan Mosaic design.

Q: What about this fabric spoke to you?
Sue: Sandy and I both would love to have [the main print] as flooring. We really like working with panels and printed squares because it's a challenge to come up with something to do with them that's creative.

Q: And the color palette?
Sue: Those are really our kind of colors; we are both autumn color lovers. Natural sorts of things appeal to us.

Q: How did you decide upon the Log Cabin-style treatment around the tile squares?
Sue: The squares are large, so by setting them on point, we had more space to work with and could using piecing to add texture. I like that it forms a design within a design, and that it really looks like a tile floor.

Q: What do you like best about this quilt?
Sue: The whole design stems from the color. We love the palette, and the tile look the squares and piecing creates.

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