Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Design Your Own Palette!

When you head to your local quilt shop, sometimes fabric shopping by collection is the way to go--the designer and fabric company worked hard to put together a well-rounded grouping of colors, different-sized motifs, and blenders--and you can't go wrong by taking their advice.

But sometimes, depending on the project, it's fun to mix and match fabrics, creating your own "collection." We've done just that today--selecting a focal print and then picking four coordinating prints that actually come from other fabric collections. We hope you enjoy our picks and use them as inspiration for your own!

Main print: Calypso Goldfish
Coordinating prints (clockwise, from upper left):

Main print: Imagine This
Coordinating prints (clockwise, from upper left):

Main print: Bella Casa
Coordinating prints (clockwise, from upper left):

Main print: Tweet
Coordinating prints (clockwise, from upper left):

Which is your favorite?


  1. Definitely Calypso Goldfish!!!!

  2. I think "Tweet" is sweet, my second choice is "Calypso Goldfish". Fun stuff here.

  3. I really love them all and wish I could put fabrics together like that. That's my biggest downfall.
    I put them all in order of my favorites:
    Imagine This
    Calypso Goldfish
    Bella Casa

  4. Tweet is my first pick. Besides some wonderful coordinates that I would pick up alone the main fabric is just adorable. Calypso Goldfish is a close second