Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Feel the Vibe!

We're really feeling the vibe of Ro Gregg's new collection, Vibe, and think you will too! The designs are organic with a contemporary feel, and the colorways are oh-so-appealing. Which catches your eye--the red/black/gray, or the blue/yellow combo?

Q. How did the Vibe collection come to be?
Ro: I wanted to put together something that had a very organic look to it. To make a statement with more texture, multi textural surfaces, something that looks organic yet is geometric as well. It' s a mix of abstract and it can also evoke an ethnic vibe. It's somewhat avant garde in nature.

Q. Which print started it all?
Ro: What started it was the stripe. I worked with the it, putting different components in it. From the stripe I pulled out some of the coordinates. For example, if you look at the red patchwork—it has waves, flowers, and leaves, and that's what I wanted to achieve. Much of the collection is pretty much a play on multi-texutral patterns that have backgrounds to them and working towards an organic feeling.

Q. We love the two colorways you used! What can you tell us about them?
Ro: I started with the rich reds, blacks and grays. But indigos are still so strong, so I picked them for the second colorway. I knew that I wanted to add yellow—the blue and yellow combination is trending back into popularity.
What I really love is that you can cross over the colorways (see the link for the free quilt pattern at the bottom of this post!)—because of that contemporary look. These patterns would look good in anything—they sort of breathe life into the different colors.

Q. Do you have a favorite print in the collection?
Ro: The stripe is a favorite, and the patchwork. The stripe is so optical—all that surface and texture.

In addition to being sold as straight yardage, Vibe is available in red/black/gray and blue/yellow fat quarter bundles;

and 5" squares;

and a multicolor snack pack!

Use the snack pack to make this contemporary lap quilt, 
Lucky 13, designed by Jessica Smith.
Find the free pattern for this quilt here.
See the entire collection here.


  1. Love the patchwork print, what great bags it would make! The blue and yellow colorway is my favorite.

  2. I like the red, black and greys.

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