Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cool as a Cucumber

As summer starts to heat up, we need something besides a tangy, ice-cold glass of lemonade to keep us cool.

Like Dawn Stewart's quilt, "Cool Blue."
"Cool Blue" by Dawn Stewart;
featured in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting July/August 2013
Dawn played with the Indigo Blues collection, using a variety of shades of blue, to create this easy-on-the-eyes two-color delight, which is featured in the latest issue of Love of Quilting magazine. We asked Dawn a few questions about her quilt:

Q. What attracted you to the fabric line?
Dawn: I've always loved the fresh, clean look of blue and white together, and the large floral in the Indigo Blues fabric line reminded me of some beautiful china dishes. 


Q. What are the challenges and advantages of working with fabrics that are all one color? 
Dawn: The main challenge is keeping the fabrics from blending together too much.  Instead of color, you have to pay more attention to value, making sure there is good contrast from light to dark so that the design of the block shows through.  The advantage is that you don't have to worry about colors not matching, or some colors overpowering others in the design. 

Q. How does changing the fabric position in the block design create the overall pattern?
Dawn: I came up with the block design first, and because I was working with just two colors, I decided to go with the "positive" and "negative" effect.  Then the fun part was playing with the prints and values, using them in different parts of the blocks until I found a layout that was pleasing to me. 
Same block, two different value combinations

Q. What do you like best about this quilt?
Dawn: I like that it's look is more complex than it really is ~ It's pretty quick and easy to make with nice results.

Q. How was it machine quilted and why?
Dawn: I machine quilted it myself on my HandiQuilter Avante.  The pieced blocks are pretty linear, so even though I quilted a lot of straight lines in the background areas, I used some curvy quilting designs on the blocks and in the borders for some contrast.  I chose a navy blue thread so it would coordinate, but show up somewhat.

Q. What do you envision this quilt being used for?
Dawn: I think it'd make a nice wall hanging (Particularly in a blue & white bedroom that I have!), but it may just have to come down off the wall sometimes and serve as a cute table cover for a tea party or brunch :) 

Thanks, Dawn! You can see a few more photos of Dawn's quilt in her blog post.

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  1. I love this quilt! The blues and white are so fresh and clean. Beautiful!