Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Steamy Southern Nights

Now that summer has officially begun in the northern hemisphere, it's the perfect time to talk about Southern Nights.

What does the phrase "Summer Nights" make you think of?
  • Rocking chairs on the porch with air so humid you could almost cut it with a knife?
  • A full moon rising over cypress trees hanging with Spanish moss?
  • Mosquito bites?
  • Allen Toussaint's song of the same name, most famously recorded by Glen Campbell? (See a version set to photos here.) 
  • The reality television show on CMT? (You can even find episodes from the first and only season online!)
  • Click for more on Southern Nights.
All of those things may bring to mind southern nights, but we've got something else in mind:
Romantic, plantation-style florals in a new collection, "Southern Nights."

Can't you picture these soft, delicate florals in a guest bed quilt? Gracing the sitting room of an antique-filled bed and breakfast?
We can too.
Here are close-ups of a few favorites from the collection:

See the entire collection here.

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