Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You know you're a quilter when...

You have a decal like one of these on your car!

Bonus points if it's a front license plate!

Now we'd like you to fill in the blank (leave a comment):
You know you're a quilter when ___________________________.
And, even better, if you have a photo to share, email it to us at fabriquiltblog (at) and we'll share it here on the blog.


  1. A complete stranger walks up to you at the store and states, I know you are a quilter and you get this really dumb look on your face and they snicker and say, you are covered in strings and upon looking down, your jeans are covered with thread!
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  2. When your license bracket on the back of your car says...
    "Obsessed Quilter...will brake for fabric"

  3. You see designs on the floor of buildings and think "what a nice block that would make".

  4. You go to the grocery store with the thimble pad still stuck to your finger, and the cashier wonders where she can get the new kind of band-aid.

  5. Your granddaughter would rather play in your fabric scraps than anywhere else!

  6. Your local quilt store knows you by first name.

  7. You know you're a quilter when you go to pick up your kids at school and you have bits of thread on your clothes and in your hair.

    I have one of those decals on its way to me now.

  8. You know you're a quilter when you go to get fingerprinted for an upcoming adoption and the clerk says, "I bet you're right handed and a crafty person." Shocked, you ask how she knew that. She tells you that you've worn down the fingerprints on your left pointer and index finger to the point where they're almost non-existent. Who'd of thought...