Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's old is new again

Ro Gregg is back, with a nod to classic style. Her latest collection, Lady in Red, features a trendy red, black and white color palette, showcased in timeless designs.

Q. What inspired you to create Lady in Red?
Ro: This line is a classic example of a very important trend: what is old is new again. I was inspired by authentic vintage swatches and updated them with architectural and botanical motifs. I  was also inspired by trips to London and beautiful English bone China, including family China that has been handed from my great aunt to my mother to me. 

Q. What are your favorite prints in the collection?
Ro: My favorite is the botanical rose and scroll. Roses are part of my signature style, and red roses symbolize love and passion.

I also love the dotted scroll in both black and red. It is much more than just a scroll texture; it holds color and adds surface texture in quilted projects. 

Q. What do you like best about these designs?
Ro: This line makes me feel romantic and a bit nostalgic, because it is a glimpse back to the past when things were much simpler, yet it has a freshness and a color palette that will always be in style. 

Q. What do you envision quilters making from the Lady in Red fabrics?
Ro: It would be perfect for an heirloom quilt, Roman shades, skirted tables layered with several prints, really any type of home dec project. 

Love this line? Head over to our website to download the free pattern for this English Gardens quilt, designed by Dawn Conery Designs. Then head to your local quilt shop to find our lovely Lady in Red waiting for you!

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