Monday, December 3, 2012


Today, we're excited to show your our new Peter Panda fabric. These cuddly-looking, black and white creatures rate high on the cuteness scale, and we think you'll love the fabric too!

Aren't they sweet?

Paw prints--a great small coordinate

Add color with green bamboo

Another allover print

A panel, perfect for fussy cutting blocks and a border

What would you make with this collection? A quilt? Pillows? A messenger bag?

And a little bonus: For ten fun facts about pandas, click here.


  1. Love the pandas. I'd make a wall hanging for great grandson's bedroom.

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  3. Where did you get this!!!! I was just looking for panda fabric!

    1. Rebeckah, Good news! This line is brand new! You can go to our website and search stores in your area that carry Fabri-Quilt fabric (, or you can google "fabri-quilt peter panda" and you should be able to find some online retailers carrying it. Good luck!