Monday, November 12, 2012

Need a children's quilt pattern?

Whether you're making a gift for a little one in your life or to donate to a charity, you can never have too many children's quilts on hand! These cheery jungle prints and polka dot coordinates are gender neutral, and any child will love the soft flannel feel of this play or snuggle quilt. 

Meet Zoo Friends, featured in the Winter 2012 issue of Easy Quilts
Designed by: Pine Tree Country Quilts
Featured in: Easy Quilts Winter 2012 issue
Fabric: Cuddle Print Flannels

Q. What can you see this quilt being used for?
Sue: The design of this quilt is so easy to piece that it would be a great Project Linus quilt. It’s a good size for a wrap up and cuddle quilt for any child. The warm, plush flannels make it perfect for a floor play quilt, too.

Q. The block design really does a nice job showcasing the fussy-cut square. Can you explain how you came up with that idea?
Sue: The animals in the block centers are individual squares with an animal featured in each square. We thought the idea of a square within a square, within a square with the “paths” coming in from different directions looked like the animal areas at a zoo. Also, these prints are from a general flannel group, so they don't necessarily all ''go'' together. The polka dot coordinates looked great with both of the jungle animal prints, and we knew we had to separate the animals with the polka dots. This design allowed us to do just that.

Q. What do you like best about the quilt?
Sue: We think the block design is very versatile. Sometimes it's hard to come up with a way to feature small squares. This one will accommodate any 4'' finished square, or even a 3'' square if you add a frame around it. Any type of print could be featured in the center. It would be so different with cute puppies or kitties from Fabri-Quilt’s Furry Friends collection.
Furry Friends panel print

Q. Flannel tends to be a ''love it'' or ''hate it'' type of fabric to work with. How do you feel about it?
Sue: We often hear people say that they hate to work with flannel. We actually don’t mind. It presses really well and when you put two pieces right sides together to stitch, they stay put. No creeping and crawling under your presser foot. The only bad thing is the lint. But who doesn’t enjoy cleaning “felt” out of their sewing machine every now and then!!

To order a kit for this quilt, click here.
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