Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cool Summer Place Mats

Hot July weather calls for a refreshing antidote, and these Accordion Place Mats featured in the July/August issue of Modern Patchwork are just that! Cool hues from our Painter's Palette Solids collection are perfect for a summery table. Scroll down to learn more.
Accordion Place Mats by Lisa Swenson Ruble;
featured in Modern Patchwork magazine July/August 2018

Q. How did you come up with the design for these place mats? 
LR: When I work with solids, I love to use the idea of transparency and depth by using different shades of the same color. These colors were borrowed from my Diamond Drama quilt--they're some of my favorites!

Q. Why do you call them Accordion Place Mats?
LR: Because of the shading, I think each placemat looks like it recedes and then pops out, similar to an accordion. I paired the darker shade of each color with the Silver to enhance this illusion. 

Q. Tell us something unexpected about this project.
LR: As I started to sew it, I realized just how many pieces each place mat contained! 82, to be exact. That's a lot of sewing, but it's worth it for the final look. I am looking forward to using these place mats all summer long!

Q. We love the faux-flange binding! 
LR: I do too! I think it finishes the place mats beautifully and brings the color out to the edges. It's actually an easy technique with stellar results. 

Painter's Palette Solids used (dark/light):
Gulf Stream/Pale Aqua

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  1. Wow! These placemats are really eye-catching with such a fun, modern twist! I will be looking for the Modern Patchwork magazine to make a set for myself!