Friday, June 29, 2018

My Pet Family Gallery

Last week we shared My Pet Family and ask pet lovers to share photos of their furry friends on quilts. One thing's for sure--pets certainly make themselves at home on our fabric! 
Here's a look at our three randomly chosen winners' pets, as well as a few other favorites. 

Meet our winners' pets! 
Sandra's dog Buster: He looks quite cozy on this double churn dash block quilt! 

@lesleyg209's dog is chasing the bright orange fabric cats on her quilt.

Mary Bailey's cat Logan is relaxing in a box of cut quilt pieces

And a few other photos we loved: 
Jacquie Gering's dog Sideways--color coordinated with the quilt!

Janie McCombs's cat sprawls out comfortably on a patchwork star quilt top

@havplenty99's cat guards the scrap quilt! 

And one of our all-time favorites, @iamgingerq's cat Dewey, posed perfectly on the center of the donut quilt! 

Thanks for sharing your pet love with us! 

If you missed it, see the entire My Pet Family collection here.

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