Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mad for Solids: Round 2, Game 4

Welcome to our Mad for Solids Bracket! 
We've asked 16 designers to select 8-fabric palettes of Painter's Palette Solids. Last week's voting narrowed the bracket to eight, and now we're voting to find our Final Four. 
We're asking you to help us choose the favorite. 

You can vote in three different ways: 
1. Leave a comment here on the blog.
2. Vote on our Facebook page.
3. Leave a comment on Instagram
One vote per person per platform, please. 

  Voting for this game has now ended. Thank you!

Voting is open from 6 pm CDT Thursday, March 29th through 5:59 pm CDT Friday, March 30th. 

Game 4:

Northern Lights
From top: Cyan, Aruba, Aluminum, Gulfstream, Paradise, Patriot, Amethyst, Ebony
We recently watched a movie about surfing in the Arctic's icy-cold waters, with stunning shots of the Northern Lights. I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and am fascinated by their cool spectrum of color.


Mid Century Mod
Tania @iamgingerq
From top: Salmon, Lipstick, Green Sheen, Lemon Ice, Shell Pink, Pale Silver, Pale Aqua, Poseidon

She wore a dress of shell pink, applied her salmon lipstick and arranged a flower her pale silver hair.  She sipped from her lemon ice as she waited for Poseidon, watching as the setting sun cast a green sheen over the pale aqua ocean.

Vote by leaving a comment below with the name of the bundle you are voting for. 

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Congratulations to our Game 2 winner!
Lake Tahoe
Cynthia @ahhhquilting


  1. Mid Century Mod - but it was a really hard choice!

  2. Living in Alaska, how could I not vote for Northern Lights?!! Gorgeous!

  3. Northern Lights. Thanks!

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  4. Northern Lights.


  5. Northern Lights -- Nancy A:

  6. Mid Century Mod


  7. Northern Lights is awesome!! mumbird3atgmaildotcom

  8. Northern lights!! Thank you!!

  9. Mid Century Mod, the little pink accent is special

  10. Mid Century Mod

    lin.web.28 at gmail dot com