Monday, March 19, 2018

Mad for Solids: Round 1, Day 2

Welcome to the second day of voting in our Mad for Solids Bracket! 
We've asked 16 designers to select 8-fabric palettes of Painter's Palette Solids. We're asking you to help us choose the favorite. 

You can vote in three different ways: 
1. Leave a comment here on the blog.
2. Vote on our Facebook page.
3. Leave a comment on Instagram
One vote per person per medium, please. 

Voting is open from 6 pm CDT Monday, March 19th through 5:59 pm CDT Tuesday, March 20th. 

Voting for this game has now ended. Thank you!

Game 2:

Tequila Sunrise
Christine @ccpquilt
From top: Fireworks, Daredevil, Verbena, Poppy Red, Crimson, Claret, Bordeaux, Fuchsia
I’ve always wanted to design a quilt around the soft range of colors from a sunset, tequila sunrise was born out of this desire but constrained with the guiding influence of choosing colors that I do not typically work with. Orange has always been a difficult color for me to embrace but so many influential people in my life live in these vibrant warm tones.


Lake Tahoe
Cynthia @ahhhquilting

From top: Apple Green, Island, Pale Aqua, Gulfstream, Waterfall, River, Pewter, Gray
My bundle was inspired by a photo I took while visiting Lake Tahoe last fall. The photo was of a row of colorful paddle boards lined up on the shore near a dock.  I chose all the colors directly from the paddle boards, beautiful shades of blues, green and gray.

Vote by leaving a comment below with the name of the bundle you are voting for. 

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  1. Lake Tahoe

  2. Tequila Sunrise mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

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  4. This one is tough, but Tequila Sunrise, by a nose!!

  5. So, so hard to choose tonight. Lake Tahoe by a nose.

  6. Lake Tahoe. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  7. Lake Tahoe angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  8. Lake Tahoe, I'm a sucker for blue 💙

  9. Lake Tahoe! Because I live in CA

  10. Tequila Sunrise really appeals to me! I can visualize in a fabulous HST quilt,

  11. Hard to choose! Tequila Sunrise

  12. Lake Tahoe


  13. lake Tahoe mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. I like the cool colors of Lake Tahoe best.

  15. Tequila Sunrise

    lin.web.28 at gmail dot com

  16. (Thank you for fixing whatever was not working yesterday!... I was unable to leave my vote for Tequila Sunrise!)

  17. Tequila Sunrise Nancy A: