Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day 7: Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Welcome to the seventh day of our Home for the Holidays blog hop! 
This week we'll be featuring a variety of small sewing projects to add holiday cheer to your house. These are fast and easy--you can still make them for this year, or bookmark the tutorial until after the holidays! We hope you enjoy these tutorials--and don't miss a chance to win a bundle of the fabrics featured each day!

Today Shannon from Bottle Tree is here sharing a cool modern mini quilt--the Let It Snow Applique Quilt. We hope you enjoy her tutorial and the chance to win a bundle of her new Dryad collection.

Snowflake Wall Hanging-1 

Cool blues and blue/greens plus a touch of gold from Dryad would be so fun in this snowflake design on a solid white background!

Here's Shannon!

'Tis the season -- let's whip up this super sweet and simple project that you'll be excited to pull out every winter!
  Snowflake Wall Hanging-4 

 I free-motion quilted this swirl pattern to add some movement.
  Snowflake Wall Hanging-5 
 Icy blues and gold gave this quilt a modern, classy look. I satin stitched around the snowflake for a nice, clean finish.
  Snowflake Wall Hanging-6 

 This quilt is made using my Scrappy Applique technique, where I collage fabric scraps to create the applique piece; you can find my book, Scrappy Bits Applique and my Scrappy Applique patterns here. Our tutorial today shows you how to whip this up using one piece of fabric for the snowflake with my Simple Raw-Edge Applique technique.


Let it Snow Applique Quilt

Finished Size: 20" x 20"

Snowflake Wall Hanging-3  


  • Fabric pieces to create the applique piece (a piece slightly larger than the template)
  • Fusible Web* (a piece slightly larger than the template)
  • Printed template to trace
  • Marking utensil
  • Thread that coordinates with the applique fabric
  • Thread that blends in with the background fabric
  • ¾ yds of white fabric for the background
  • 1 yd fabric for backing and hanging sleeve
  • batting approximately 27” x 27”
  • ¼ yd of binding fabric (for 2.5” binding strips)

Make the Applique Piece

  1. Download and print the free pattern: Simple Raw-Edge Applique instructions and template
  2. Prepare the applique piece according to the instructions.

Finish the Wall Hanging

Make the Quilt

  1. Cut the background fabric to about 4” wider and taller than your finished size. This is optional, but I like to include the extra fabric in case there is any stretching during the quilting process, this way I can square it up nicely at the end.
  2. Center the prepared appliqué piece on the pressed background fabric, fuse or pin in place.
  3. Satin stitch around the outside edge of the appliqué piece.
  4. Finish quilt as desired.

Add a Hanging Sleeve

  1. Cut a strip of the leftover backing fabric 9” wide x the width of the finished quilt.
  2. Hem each of the shorter ends by folding toward the wrong side ¼” twice, then stitching along the fold.
  3. Fold the sleeve in half, wrong sides together, along the length then sew together with a ¼” seam. You will not need to turn the sleeve right-side out since you will place the seam against the backside of the quilt.
  4. Press the sleeve with the long seam down the center of one side.
  5. Pin the long edge of the sleeve to the back of the quilt, about 1” below the top edge and ½” from each side, with the long seam hidden against the back of the quilt.
  6. Pin the lower edge of the quilt, keeping the back seamed side flat against the quilt and shifting the pressed edge about ½” up toward the top fold. This creates a gap in the sleeve that will allow for the dimension of the hanging rod.
  7. Hand stitch both long edges and the back edge of the sleeve at each end to the quilt back, being careful not to stitch through to the front of the quilt.
  You can find more patterns and inspiration over here. Have fun and Happy Holidays!  

Thanks Shannon!
To find out how you can win a bundle of Dryad, head over to Shannon's blog and leave a comment letting us know that you follow the Inspired by Fabric blog (if you don't already, sign up in the sidebar at right using the email or blog reader option). In your comment, also let us know: what's your favorite thing about snow? Giveaway is open through Monday, December 21st at 11:59 pm EST. This contest is now closed.

See the entire Dryad collection by Shannon Brinkley here.

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