Friday, September 25, 2015

Ro Gregg's Butterflies Are Free

Already this week we've seen Ro Gregg's Changing Seasons and Tribal Instincts collections. Today, we're showing her latest line, Butterflies Are Free. 
Three days; three collections; three very different looks.

Butterflies Are Free has its roots in Ro's Marblehead collections. Rich colors, marble patterns, intriguing texture. (Plus a panel!) See the collection below and then read what Ro has to say about it and the magical creatures it features. 

Q. What inspired Butterflies Are Free?
Ro: Butterflies are my all time favorite creatures and my favorite motif in my fabric lines. I just love their beauty and their vibrant colors. I find them a spiritual sign, almost mystical in the way they flutter in and out of our lives. They are so delicate and beautiful, and their fleeting, fragile appearance has inspired many poets.  Some people say they are messengers for the angels.

Q. Why did you choose to feature butterflies, dragonflies and tulips?
Ro: Perfect trifecta all three are delicate and graceful.  Absolutely earthy delights of nature and perfect symbols of the newness of spring and summer. Butterflies, dragonflies and tulips are symbols of femininity, romance and friendship.

Q. How did you come up with the color palette?
Ro: Most of the motifs are designed with Marblehead and the colors are from the Global Brights and Pleasing Pastels.  These colors are pure and intense, and directly influenced by Mother Nature.

Q. Love the multicolored sunflowers! What inspired you to color them so uniquely?
Ro: Sunflowers look to the sun.....their namesake.  They lift your spirits on a sunny day.  I wanted  to do something different with them, so I took a more decorative and colorful approach using a myriad of tones from Marblehead.

Q. The marbleized prints are gorgeous! Can you talk about them?
Ro: Marblehead's newest pattern is in the border and I am calling it "Italian Marble."  This was designed from authentic marble from a photo I took on my last trip to Italy. This marble pattern comes in 3 colors: layers of serene green, lilac and dreamy blues; vibrant oranges and reds; and multi orchids, greens and blues on white.

Q. Tell us about the panel.
Ro: The panel is a 24" and showcases a myriad of butterflies flying into the light.  Each butterfly is designed from coordinating Marblehead to look pieced. They are featured on the sky Pleasing Pastel marble print. This panel is a masterpiece of color consisting of 17 screens to emulate the various shades and tones of the Marblehead line.  It is very versatile for quilts, jackets and bags.

Q. What’s your favorite print in the collection? 
Ro: The panels is hands down is my favorite due to the challenge of its design and the magnificent effect of the multicolor butterflies in flight. It was very exciting to design these magical wonders of life.

Use the panel and coordinates in this scrappy looking quilt, 
Lattice, designed by Jessica Toye.
Download the free quilt pattern here.

See the entire Butterflies Are Free collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.