Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marblehead Challenge Sponsor Spotlight: Quilted Memories

We're spending this week featuring the companies who are sponsoring our 2013 Marblehead Challenge so you can get to know both them and the products they offer better.

Sponsor Spotlight:

When you enter a quilt shop and see this:
You know you've come to the right place. Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Quilted Memories specializes in a little bit of everything, which seems like a contradiction, but in this case, it's not. (And if Kansas is a little too far for you, don't can find the shop and most of its products online too!.) 

Some of the biggies you'll find at Quilted Memories:
  • The shop is an authorized Nolting dealer
  • Batting, batting, and more batting--from Hobbs
  • Superior Threads in all your favorite colors
  • Oh, and did we mention fabric? You'll find a wide variety of Fabri-Quilt collections in the shop
  • A friendly, informed staff who can help you with questions on anything the store carries

Owner Lyn Heilman offers a variety of services for quilters. One of her "greatest joys is helping people create a quilt that preserves their memories." These custom memory quilts can be made using photos, t-shirts, and other special clothing or fabric items. Machine quilting is another popular service for both local customers and those that ship their quilts in. 

This one-stop shop can fulfill all of your quilting needs and comes with top-notch customer service from friendly quilters. Whether it's in person or online, you won't be disappointed with a visit to Quilted Memories!

Thanks so much to Quilted Memories for sponsoring our 2013 Marblehead Challenge!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marblehead Challenge Sponsor Spotlight: OLFA

We're spending this week featuring the companies who are sponsoring our 2013 Marblehead Challenge so you can get to know both them and the products they offer better.

Sponsor Spotlight:

Rulers, rotary cutters, mats and scissors...most quilters have at least one OLFA product in their sewing room! You probably recognize the distinctive yellow that identifies many of these tools, though other colors are often available as well.

Some of our favorite OLFA products:

45mm Splash Rotary Color
Love the aqua hue! All of the features you love best--quick-change blades, blade cover (In contrasting yellow!), and contours for comfortable grip. 

17" x 17" Self-Healing Rotating Mat
Squaring up a block? No need to flip it around or walk around your cutting surface! Simple rotate this mat and you'll have the side you need to cut right in front. 

6" x 12" Non-Slip Frosted Advantage Acrylic Ruler
Need to cut on an angle? This ruler has you covered. It's also a convenient size for measuring and cutting smaller pieces, and the non-slip factor means fewer errors.

5" Precision Applique Scissors
A sharpened tip helps with accurate cutting of small pieces, and larger handles hold up to three fingers per loop. 

The OLFA website features comprehensive information on all their products and tips for using them as well as a helpful Tool Finder, which will match you up with the tool you need to get the job done. You'll also find a full range of project ideas for quilting, sewing and even paper crafting. Get ready to be inspired!

Thanks so much to OLFA for sponsoring our 2013 Marblehead Challenge!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marblehead Challenge Sponsor Spotlight: Pellon

Over the next few days, we'll be featuring the companies who are sponsoring our 2013 Marblehead Challenge so you can get to know them and the products they offer.

Sponsor Spotlight: 

Their tagline, "The Magic in the Middle" fits perfectly. Chances are, you've used one of their products in a project you've made. From batting to pillow inserts to a wide range of interfacing, Pellon products are everywhere. 

A few of our favorite Pellon products: 

Double-sided fusible that adds shape to your projects

987 Fusible Fleece
Add softness to your project without having to sew it in. 

100 Vinyl Fuse
Make any fabric water-repellant--perfect for totes and bags

Legacy Bamboo Blend
Easy on the skin and the environment, this 50% cotton/50% bamboo batt 
provides wonderful drape for your next quilt

The company's consumer-focused website,, features information about every product they carry as well as a huge library of downloadable free projects, a tips section, and a blog

One of the best and definitely most helpful part of this website? 
A section called "Pellon 101." With so many products out there, sometimes it's hard to figure out which one is best for your project. These downloadable "cheat sheets" will help you select the best tools for your project. Print a copy out and take it with you the next time you head to your craft or quilt store. 
To find the Pellon 101 download, go to the Pellon blog and click on "Pellon 101" in the righthand sidebar.

Thanks so much to Pellon for sponsoring our 2013 Marblehead Challenge!

Friday, October 25, 2013

What would you make?

Are you creative?
Do you love coming up with designs for quilting or sewing?
Does fabric "talk" to you, telling you how to use it?
Are you in love with one of our fabric lines?
Do you love turning your ideas into reality?
Can you use a camera? 

If the answer to any (or all!) of these questions is yes, stay tuned...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sweet Treats

The other day we had fun sharing our 10 Reasons Fabric is Better than Candy post. 
Today, we're continuing that theme, showing another sweet treat--this one is actually candy, but not the edible kind!

"Sugar" High by Homespun Hearth

This bright, candy-themed quilt uses Marblehead Global Brights in a quilt that truly lives up to its name!
You can find the pattern and a kit for the quilt here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

10 reasons fabric is better than candy

With Halloween right around the corner, we present the 10 reasons fabric is better than candy:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why We Love Fall

Pumpkins, cider, changing leaves, trick or treating...what isn't there to love about fall?!?! 

We're feeling inspired by fall and wanted to share some of our finds with you. 

First, the fun and whimsical:
Check out this link for more ideas for decorating pumpkins with sewing supplies from American Patchwork & Quilting! Some great ideas for no-mess jack o'lanterns!

Then the "scary" whimsical:
And don't forget sophisticated!

Then the super-tasty:

Photo: The Novice Chef Blog

Yum, yum and yum! There's no shortage of autumn-themed recipes on the web, but we liked this collection of 25 Best Pumpkin Recipes found here

And then, of course, there's the fabric. 
Rich harvest tones that keep fall's gorgeous palette around all year round. 
A few of our faves:
"In Alignment" by Tony Jacobson;
featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Easy Quilts
 Find more info here.

"Harvest Lone Star" by Betsy Smith:
featured in The Quilter October-November 2012
Find more info here.

"Chocolate Bar" by Tricia Lynn Maloney;
featured in Easy Quilts fall 2013
 Read more here.

Harvest Home by Joan Shay; featured in Quilt Trends Fall 2012
Find more info here.

"Autumn Tapestry" by Pine Tree Country Quilts;
featured in The Quilter October/November 2013
Find more info here.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out our "Feels Like Fall" board on Pinterest!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ready for Winter: Icy Cool

Holiday projects seem to fall into one of two categories--either they're Christmas-themed (Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees, etc.), or they're winter-themed (snowflakes, snowmen, etc.).
While everyone loves a great santa or tree quilt, the beauty of winter-themed quilts is a longer shelf life (or should we call it couch life?). Once January comes around and you've put away the Kris Kringles, red-nosed reindeer and uncooked pasta and Elmer's glue ornaments made by little Susie, a winter quilt will still rest comfortably on the couch, ready for snowy night snuggling.

Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar of Pine Tree Country Quilts designed this Polar Stars quilt with that theory in mind. Scarf and hat-clad white bears from the Season's Greetings collection cozy up with simple coordinates for a quilt you can happily use from December through February.

"Polar Stars" by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar;
featured in Quilting for Christmas

A red and white star block alternates with a framed polar bear block to create diagonal "stripes" of blocks--a cool design that makes the most of its fabrics. Using solid white as the background adds a modern feel to the pattern and gives it a snowy feel; plus the primary colors pop off of all that white.

(One more advantage to a winter-long quilt: more time to get it finished and use it! It's always a bit anti-climactic to run out of time to finish a Christmas quilt before December the time January rolls around, you've packed away your Elf on a Shelf until next year...who wants to bind a Christmas quilt?!)

See the entire Season's Greetings collection here.
Find a kit for Polar Stars here.
Find Quilting for Christmas here.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Call of the Sea

There's something so compelling about lighthouses and the sea/ocean. 
It's calm, peaceful...iconic.
Which is why we can't resist it in fabric! 

We think you'll love the soft, watercolor feel of Harbor Point:
Lighthouses and schooners in a large print

Anchors, ropes and seashells

Ocean love in seashells

Also in beige for contrast

Love the simplicity of this print!

Pair these Harbor Point prints with Marblehead to create this beautiful ocean themed quilt, called Lighthouse Harbor, designed by Airborne Heirlooms. The lighthouse and adjoining house are appliqued; the sailboat blocks are paper pieced. This quilt will allow you to practice all your skills!
"Lighthouse Harbor" designed by Airborne Heirlooms
Find the free pattern for this quilt here.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Star Patch in Pastels

It's always fun to see how different a quilt looks with a change in fabrics and/or color palette, and this scrappy quilt, featured in the December 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, is no exception. And of course, it's even more fun when the versions we see use some of our fabrics!

Quilt tester Laura Boehnke used the Marblehead Pleasing Pastels collection by Ro Gregg for Paintbrush Studio to make her version of Marcie Patch’s Star Patch quilt. We love the soft hues of this alternate colorway, and since it's less scrappy than the original version, you can do some strip piecing to save time! 

Designed by Marcie Patch of Patchalot Patterns (
Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting ® magazine.
©2013 Meredith Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 

Get the free quilt pattern for the Marblehead Pastels version here.
Find AP&Q here.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Inspired by...Marblehead

It's no secret that we love seeing our fabrics in action! With the extended Marblehead Challenge deadline (November 1), approaching, we wanted to share some eye candy--quilt patterns featuring Ro Gregg's Marblehead prints. These patterns are all available through

Rippling Logs by Ann Anderson
Find pattern here

Woven Whispers by Marija Vujcic of Mara Quilt Designs
Find the pattern here

College Bound Sawtooth Quilt by L&L Studios
Find the pattern here

Marble Pools by Ann Anderson
Find the pattern here

Heavenly Hibiscus by L&L Studios
Find the pattern here

Stargazer Nights by Dawn Conery  Designs
Find the pattern here

Beach Fun by Barb Sackel of Rose Cottage Quilting
Find the pattern here