Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Marimba...even if you can't quite connect an image with the word, you can probably conjure up a feeling--warm breezes, tropical foliage, soft melodies...

A marimba is a percussion instrument--a type of xylophone, first used in Africa and then in Central America. If you'd like to hear some marimba music, click here and here.
Image credit (plus kits to build your own marimba!)

Now that you've had a brief lesson in the musical instrument, we'd like to introduce you to the fabric! 
That's right, one of our new collections this fall is called Marimba! 

Marimba music has a tropical flair to it--if you listen to it, you'll likely find yourself swaying along with the melody. We think you'll find that same feeling in the fabrics--the large tropical-looking leaves and swirls of the focal print, and even some of the coordinates, have that same movement to them. And the cool blue and gray color palette--so fresh, and so different! 

Looking for a quilt pattern to use with Marimba?
Try Dawn Stewart's Crossed Notes Quilt pattern, available for download on our website.
Download the pattern here.

See the Marimba collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the music! Believe it or not, a lady plays a marimba every Sunday at my church; a little different tempo, of course. The fabric and pattern are very pretty too! ---"Love"

  2. Fabulous focal print - would make a stunning jacket.