Friday, August 30, 2013

Playing with PUL

Today Rebecca of Our Busy Little Bunch is sharing an easy tutorial using Mystic Forest PUL (55% Polyester Knit / 45% Polyurethane Laminate). We love this fabric--it's a waterproof knit--and we love having a tutorial to share with you using it. This type of fabric is popping up in your local quilt shop, but not everyone knows what to use it for. Rebecca's sandwich and snack bag tutorial is a great project to get you started!

Sandwich and Snack Bags Tutorial

Hi, it's Rebecca! Today I have a quick tutorial for reusable sandwich and snack bags.  The fabric used is PUL (waterproof knit) from the Mystic Forest line.  They have a selection of polka-dots to choose from:

 You will need:
  • PUL fabric - It's 56" wide, so 1/2 yard will make four sandwich bags (make sure fabric is prewashed - wash with cold or warm water, and tumble dry on low or hang to dry).
  • 1/2" or 3/4" sew-on velcro (not the fusible kind) - 6" piece for each sandwich bag, and 3" piece for each snack bag.

First, cut your fabric: 
- for sandwich bags, cut 8" x 28"
- for snack bags, cut 5.5" x 26"

The pattern is the same for both sandwich and snack bags--they're just sized slightly differently. Fold fabric in half, short ends matching, wrong sides together.  Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew each long edge (using a walking foot on your sewing machine makes sewing with PUL a breeze).  

Turn right-side out and push out corners (I found assembly line worked best for this).

Using a pressing cloth or scrap piece of cotton, lightly iron the two long edges.  They will not go completely flat, but it will make a big difference.

Fold in unsewn short edge of bag about a half inch, and lightly press that with a pressing cloth as well.

Topstitch this short end closed, close to edge.

Sew hook (sticky) side of velcro next to topstitched edge, centered.  Sew loop side of velcro on opposite side of bag close to other top edge.

Fold bag so that you can see both pieces of velcro, positioning bottom edge 1.5" below top edge (as shown).  Topstitch sides of bag close to edge so it forms a pouch.

You're done!  These are wipeable, machine washable, and will look great in your lunchbox!

Hop on over to my blog Our Busy Little Bunch for a fantastic sponsored giveaway from Fabri-Quilt!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Calling all chocolate lovers!

Where does chocolate rank on your list of favorite things? If you're like most of us, chances are both chocolate and quilting are pretty high on the list. 

Good news! Designer Tricia Lynn Maloney's latest project in Easy Quilts magazine uses chocolate and caramel shades of Marblehead fabrics to combine the two. 
"Chocolate Bar" by Tricia Lynn Maloney;
featured in Easy Quilts fall 2013
We asked Tricia, a fellow chocolate lover, to tell us about her delicious-looking quilt design.

What drew you to the Marblehead prints?
Tricia: I was immediately drawn to the Marblehead fabrics when one of the local shops that I teach at-- Homespun Treasures-- ordered the entire collection last year.  I really loved that every time I looked at a specific print, I saw more and more subtle color variations and textures.  As a designer, I also rejoiced with how well the fabrics played together.  The colors were so rich and vibrant -- I couldn’t wait to design some projects with those yummy fabrics. So far, I’ve used Marblehead fabrics in two magazine projects – Chocolate Bar for Easy Quilts Fall 2013 and a wall quilt for the Quilter’s World Winter 2013 issue, as well as a gift for my sister for Christmas this year. Shhhh! It’s a secret!

Why did you choose to use the browns/beiges?
Tricia: I really liked the way the brown and beige prints worked together, especially with surprising hints of other colors such as green, gold, orange, and purple. I find brown fabrics to be so very warm and inviting, don’t you?

Did you name the quilt?
Tricia: Yes, I did name the quilt.  Sigh. . . I must admit that I am a chocolate fanatic.  LOL! Once I had the design and I decided on the Marblehead browns and beiges, the quilt practically named itself because it looked like a giant piece of chocolate! 

Can you talk about your design--how you decided what to do with the fabrics?
Tricia: I created the quilt design and the original block design using Electric Quilt 7 software before I chose the fabrics.  I really like designing simple quilts that are fast and easy to put together.  Then I like to add fabrics in unusual ways to make simple into awesome.  I chose a dark brown print as well as a light beige print and then added four medium prints for just the right balance.

What do you like best about the quilt?
Tricia: I really like this quilt because of its simple design and warm fabrics -- it just literally begs to be used . . . or cuddled . . . to wipe away tears . . . or to give comfort.  It’s also a quilt that’s suitable for anyone.  This is not a quilt that will be hung on a wall or folded away in a chest.  

What do you think makes this quilt so appealing--both to look at and to sew?
Tricia: One simple block makes this quilt very easy to assemble.  It’s so quick that there is no time to get bored with it.  Of course, who can resist working with the colors of rich and creamy chocolate?

What is the challenge of working with a monochromatic color scheme?
Tricia: You have to add enough different shades and/or tints as well as different prints or textures so that the quilt doesn’t become flat and predictable.  Using fabrics like the Marblehead prints are wonderful to work with because of their subtle changes in texture and color.

Tell us about the machine quilting.
Tricia: I free motion quilted the quilt from edge to edge in a large meandering design reminiscent of tree rings.  It’s really a very simple design – basically a cross between a spiral and a stipple.

If all this talk of chocolate bars has your awakened your sweet tooth, try this recipe for Classic Chocolate Brownies from Ghirardelli. Yum!

And...just for fun...
Check this out!
A USB flash drive cleverly disguised as a chocolate bar

See the entire Marblehead collection here.
Learn more about Tricia here
Find Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts here.

Also, Tricia would like to invite everyone to check out her second book – which is literally hot off the press -- A Russian Journey in Quilts: The Story of Nicholas and Nina Filatoff. 
She says: "This book is truly a labor of love and is based on one of my favorite childhood 'fairy tales.'  A Russian Journey in Quilts tells the amazing story of Nicholas and Nina Filatoff through fifteen quilt projects ranging from table runners to a large bed-sized sampler quilt.  The sampler quilt, called A Russian Journey Sampler, incorporates blocks from the smaller projects, and would make a fantastic Block of the Month program, especially with the Winter Olympics coming in February 2014 in Sochi, Russia.  There is even a free BOM guide to download from  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baltimore Album Shortcut

If you're a quilter, chances are you've admired a Baltimore Album quilt at some point. But unless you're really into applique, you probably never intended to make one. So many tiny, intricate pieces to cut and stitch!

Allow us to introduce Ro Gregg's new collection, Baltimore Album. This line features the best of both worlds. An updated selection of small tonal prints perfect for making your own Baltimore Album quilt, and a panel of preprinted blocks perfect for making your own Baltimore Album quilt with a little less cutting and stitching.

The panel:

The coordinates:
You need to see a few of these prints up close to truly appreciate them.

This might be one of the best paisleys ever. Great colors and shape!

A gorgeous green tonal

Soft blue flowers with a calico feel

Get creative with the panel of blocks and coordinates. Or, if you prefer, download the free pattern from our website featuring Cathy Miles' Baltimore Album design. The quilt combines one classic--Baltimore Album blocks--with another: Grandmother's Fan blocks.

Have you ever made a Baltimore Album quilt? Is it on your quilting bucket list?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Calling all Downton Abbey fans!

Have you been bitten by the Downton Abbey bug? If so, you know that Season 4 doesn't start until January 5, 2014, or 135 days from the date of this post. What can you do to pass the time, besides watch the episodes you recorded from Seasons 1 through 3? Sew, of course!

Downton Abbey fans will love the British-inspired feel of our new collection, Bedford Place. English roses, lace, and soft blues: the perfect combination to help you hold out until January!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Black Tie Only

You can have so much fun with black and white...and then add in a little red and beige!

Introducing...Black Tie Affair

Black and white prints that range from playful to sophisticated. Red and beige accents pop against the black/white combination for added zing. 

Close-ups of a few of our favorites:

Take advantage of the contrast in these prints for your favorite pattern, or try one of ours:
"Black Tie" by Pine Tree Country Quilts
Download a free copy of this quilt here.

Do you have a favorite quilt pattern for black and white prints? Leave the link below!

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Pillowcase Express

Welcome to the Inspired by Fabric blog, showcasing our love of fabrics and all things quilting and sewing! Today we're taking part in the American Patchwork & Quilting's One Million Pillowcase Challenge blog hop, which is helping to celebrate surpassing the halfway goal--more than 500,00 pillowcases have been donated to local charities! As a sponsor for this worthwhile endeavor, we're hopping on board and showing some of our favorite 

During the month of July, AP&Q held a contest on Pinterest featuring 20 of their favorite pillowcase designs. We've recreated the winning design in two different fabric collections. 

First up, Nite Owls by Judy Hansen, where cute little owls are along for a spooky nighttime ride: 

Next us is a pillowcase made out of our huge basics collection, Marblehead, by Ro Gregg:

If you like Marblehead, be sure to check out our tutorials from last week's Marblehead Week, and click on the Marblehead Challenge tab to find out how you can win 20 yards of Marblehead fabric!

We'd like to send a special thank you to AP&Q for putting on the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge--what a worthwhile event helping so many! 

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of the hop! Don't forget to make some pillowcases to donate!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Marblehead Winners!

Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment during our Marblehead Week tutorials! We're thrilled to hear that you all love Marblehead as much as we do!

(And don't forget to enter the Marblehead Challenge--not just quilts, but small projects too! Find details here.)

And if you missed any of the Marblehead Week tutorials, use the links below:

Now on to our winners!

Day 1
 Congrats to mefutch!

Day 2

Congrats to Kim!

Day 3

Congrats to Aimee G!

Day 4

Congrats to Kaye M!

Day 5

Congrats to Lisa Marie!

Each of these winners will receive a fat quarter bundle of Marblehead. We can't wait to see what they do with it! 
Winners, we will be emailing you. If you don't receive an email, it means that we couldn't find an email address associated with your comment. Please email us at fabriquiltblog (at) with your mailing address.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


When you hear "Rio," do you think of:
1. Rio, the animated film about a blue macaw, released in 2011
(Watch for Rio 2 in April 2014!)

2. Rio, the international sporting event site 
World Cup Soccer 2014

Summer Olympics 2016

3. Rio, home to bright, beautiful beaches and a colorful nightlife, which inspired our new fabric line:

We'll go with door #3.

Rio combines popular neon colors with modern tonals--a little something for everyone!

To us, this wild and bright large print embodies the spirit of Rio--tropical, bold, and full of fun.

Love these sketch-like tonal prints!

Tammy Silvers' quilt pattern on our website, Street Party, captures the excitement of these fabrics--dynamic and fun. Plus, you can get it free!

Click here to download the free Street Party pattern using Rio.
See the entire Rio collection on our website.