Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Name that animal!

American Wildlife...our latest collection, inspired by nature, and perfect for the nature and animal love in your life! 

Bonus points if you can correctly identify all ten animals!

Realistic animal prints are fun to work with, but let's face it--they need to be paired with some carefully chosen tonals so they can really shine. We've matched each of the prints above with three coordinating prints. Look for these fabrics at your local quilt shop and get started on your Animal Lovers' quilt today! (Prints are identified in clockwise order starting from the upper left)

1. Classique; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg; 4. Graphix 3

1. American Wildlife; 2. Graphix 3; 3. Marblehead by Ro Gregg; 4. Graphix 3

1. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz *by Ro Gregg; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Shadows; 4. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg

1. American Wildlife;  2. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg; 3. Classique; 4. Classique

1. American Wildlife; 2. Classique; 3. Changing Seasons*; 4. Classique

1. American Wildlife; 2. Graphix 3; 3. Classique; 4.  Batiks

1. Shadows; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Shadows; 4. Marblehead by Ro Gregg

1. American Wildlife; 2. Classique; 3. Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz* by Ro Gregg; 4. Changing Seasons

1. Classique; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Classique; 4.Classique

1. Batiks; 2. American Wildlife; 3. Classique; 4. Classique

See the entire American Wildlife collection here.
*Changing Seasons and Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz will be available in quilt shops in April.


  1. Whitetail deer, Lynx, black bear, red fox, mallard ducks, raccoons, cottontail rabbits. moose, wolves, and I am unsure about the last duck but will guess pin tails.

  2. I'm lovin' these fabrics! I have a lot of these creatures hangin' out in my yard--and they eat everything.

  3. I agree with Kathy Nelson except for the pintail- it's a loon.

  4. White tailed deer,(looks like only bucks), raccoons, wood ducks, cotton tail rabbit, lynx, black bear,red fox, loon, coyote, and moose. I love the way you paired each one with coordiatating fabrics. it helps to work with them in a number of new ways

  5. White tailed deer, wood ducks, rabbits, lynx, black bear, fox, mallards , coyotes, moose. Now that was fun !