Friday, February 20, 2015

Make your own Washington Pavement block!

In honor of President's Day, we showed you a few blocks with presidential connections using the Vera Cruz collection. Today we're back with the cutting and assembly directions for the Washington's Pavement block.

To make this block, cut:
From the white solid:
(4) 2-5/8" squares
(3) 4-1/4" squares, then cut each diagonally in half twice
(2) 2-3/8" squares, then cut each diagonally in half once

From the green zigzag:
(8) 2-5/8" squares

From the blue floral:
(1) 2-5/8" square

From the paisley:
(4) 2-5/8" x 6-7/8" pieces

Step 1: Assemble (4) 2-5/8" white squares, (4) 2-5/8" green zigzag squares and (1) 2-5/8" blue floral square into a ninepatch.

Step 2: Sew (2) 4-1/4" white triangles to a 2-5/8" green zigzag square. Add a 2-3/8" white triangle to the top. Stitch a 2-5/8" x 6-7/8" paisley piece to the bottom. Make 4. (Triangles are cut larger and will need to be trimmed after block is assembled.)

Step 3: On two of the units from step 2, add 4-1/4" white triangles to the short sides of the paisley piece.

Step 4: Sew the remaining units from step 2 to opposite sides of the ninepatch. 

Step 5: Sew the units from step 3 to the remaining sides of the ninepatch. Square up the block to 1/4" past points so it measures 12-1/2" square.

You're done!

And just for fun, here's what nine Washington Pavement blocks look like in a quilt.

Block Assembly Source: Civil War Quilts
Find more details for making this block, as well as its history and variations (hint: with different fabric placement, this is also the classic Album Block!) at Civil War Quilts as well.

See the entire Vera Cruz collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.


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