Friday, August 8, 2014

Shadow Play

Ask any quilter--you can never have too many blender fabrics. And even better? Blenders with rich texture and depth, which will add interest to your project. 

We're excited to share our new Shadows collection, comprised of 40 different prints. 
That's 10 different colors x 4 patterns for so much variety that you won't know where to start!

Each of the patterns has a leafy, organic feel to it and layers several values of color. We've divided them out by pattern to show you:

In addition to being fantastic blender options to go with your favorite focal prints, you can use the Shadow collection on its own. 

Choose all 4 prints from one colorway to play with value, like these blue and orange swatches below:

Or use many of the colors in the various patterns to create a rainbow beauty, like this Monkey Wrenches pattern from Airborne Heirlooms. 
Find this free downloadable pattern, which uses the Shadows Snack Pack (2-1/2" wide pre-cut strips of each color), here.

See the entire Shadows collection here.