Monday, August 18, 2014

A Few Good Flannels

Let's face it--finding great flannels can be tricky. You want them to be cute, in colors you like (especially for baby or kids' quilts), and you definitely want them to be high quality--soft to the touch. 

We've got 31 answers to your flannel search with our new Cuddle Prints.

First, it's all about dots:

Who doesn't love a good dot? The Cuddle Print Flannels include tonal pin dots, multicolor confetti dots, and larger white dots, all in a variety of bright candy colors. The hardest part? Narrowing down which ones to use!

For a little more variety, add in some novelty flannels: farm animals, oh-so-trendy owls, construction equipment, and friendly cats. Pair them with the dotted flannels for a full palette.

Try these prints out in our free Baby Talk quilt pattern, which you can find here.

See the entire Cuddle Print Flannel collection here and ask for these soft prints at your local quilt shop.

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