Friday, June 20, 2014

Bring on the Calypso Colors!

 If you've seen and loved Ro Gregg's first two Calypso lines, Calypso and Calypso Frogs, you're sure to be equally thrilled with the "three-quel," Calypso Goldfish!

Calypso Goldfish by Ro Gregg

Q. Why did you choose to focus on goldfish for this collection?
Ro: When I was growing up, we had goldfish and tropical fish—the goldfish just seemed like the perfect thing. The previous two Calypso lines were really well received, so I wanted to design more—quilters loved the whole feeling of the Calypso look.

Q. Do you have a favorite print?
Ro: Probably the main print with the goldfish and lily pad and dragonflies with the turquoise background. I wanted it to be playful—a visual feast with everything going on. For coordinates, my favorite is the tie-dye looking medallion. It's fun and summery, and the centers have a lily pad look.

Q. Did you use photos of fish to create the motifs in the prints?
Ro: No, it came mostly from my head—I wanted it to be playful looking rather than extremely realistic. I worked to add a little modern twist, with geometrics here and there.

Q. We noticed a few frogs snuck in!
Ro: Yes, the frogs are a nod back to the previous collection, Calypso Frogs. They go well with the lily pads.

Q. Tell us about the colors.
Ro: I used what are to me the Caribbean colors—the blue turquoise, the sunny hibiscus. The palette has that crisp feeling from the Caribbean. I think the collection has an artsy, contemporary look to it. It also plays in with current trends—you're seeing a lot of sea motifs right now—even though it might not be realistic—the fish, waves, frogs, a little nature going on.

See the entire Calypso Goldfish collection here and be sure to ask for it at your local quilt shop!
Download the free Calypso Goldfish pattern designed by The Quilting Hen here.

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