Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brighten up a bed with Calypso Goldfish

Can't get Ro Gregg's cheery, summery Calypso Goldfish prints out of your mind? Quilt Trends magazine just featured this eye-catching runner using these prints, made by The Quilting Hen. Keep reading to learn more about it!

Calypso Bed Runner by The Quilting Hen; featured in Quilt Trends summer 2014

Q. What did you find appealing about the Calypso Goldfish fabric?
Patricia Sue: I love any fabric that has to do with fish or the ocean. This collection especially appealed to me because of the bright colors--I love the cheerfulness, and just looking at them makes me happy! I love pink, and love how it is used as an accent color in this collection. The masterful blend of contrast and matching colors make it easy to use any two pieces next to each other.

Q. What makes a bed runner such a great project?
Patricia Sue: Bed runners are great for using fabrics that you love, but don't necessarily want to decorate your entire room in. They allow you to have seasonal changes in decor or add a splash of color to a room that you do not want to completely change, but need a new look for a time. They allow you to try different techniques without having to creating an entire quilt. If you have a special or light color bed spread, a bed runner is a nice way to protect the end of the bed covering. They are also a must for those who live in cooler climates and need the extra layer on their feet at night!

Q. How did you construct the blocks?
Patricia Sue: The blocks are all applique. I used steam-a-seam™ just on the edges of the appliqué so that the quilter would not have to go through multiple layers of adhesive. I know what a challenge it is to try and quilt through that many layers of adhesive--nearly impossible! Since bed runners do not need to be washed as often, a raw edge appliqué will hold up well enough.

Q. How did you come up with the design?
Patricia Sue: I was going for an interpretive design that could read like a lily pad. The colorful fish on these fabrics look like they should be in an outdoor pond with lily pads and frogs. The blue wave was chosen to represent water and the yellow gives the appliqués a "floating" effect.

Q. What made you decide to use four borders?
Patricia Sue:  I loved all the pieces in this collection and I could not decide on one to eliminate, so multiple borders were a must-do. The dimensional pink border is an added texture that I like to put in my "fun" quilts. Kids especially like this added texture, and these fabrics could easily be suited to a child's room.

Q. What do you like best about the runner?
Patricia Sue: The little dragon flies are my favorite. I did not realize that the dragonflies were even there until I was piecing the quilt. I was admiring the fish and frogs so much that initially I missed them. They are a nice added splash to an already spectacular design.

Q. How is it machine quilted?
Patricia Sue: The "lily pads" are free hand echo quilted. The block backgrounds, setting triangles, and borders are quilted with a combination swirl and wave design. Our long arm quilter, Shawna Crawford, always seems to know just what to put on the quilt to make it a complete look.

Q. Tell us about the coordinating pillow (shown in the photo).
Patricia Sue: The pillow was made using scraps from the runner. The templates for the appliqué frogs and dragon flies are included in our kits. You can put them on the runner, pillowcase, or throw pillow as desired. The appliqués were made with scrap fabrics from the runner also.

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