Friday, March 28, 2014

A New Leaf

Ro Gregg has done it again--another richly colored collection, this one themed for autumn. The collection, called A New Leaf, features warm, welcoming harvest colors overlaid with metallic gold accents. And the best part? There's also a panel, the perfect focal point for a quilt or wall hanging. Soak in these fall prints and then hear what Ro has to say about A New Leaf below.

Q. What inspired you to design a leafy fall collection?
Ro: Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It actually is the way Mother Nature tries to please us with the spectacular show of color before the landscape turns to black, white and gray.

Q. What do you feel the metallic gold adds to the collection?
Ro: I used metallic gold to achieve a "glistening effect" that would emulate the sparkling effect from the sun.

Q. Did you use real leaves as models for the fabric?
Ro: I use actual leaves on the maple pattern and actual hickory leaves on the stripe.

Q. Can you talk about the color palette? 
Ro: The palette was inspired from a harvest sunset scene--a myriad of golds, crimson, and purples accented by forest greens.

Q. Tell us about the panel--why did you decide to make one and how did you come up with the motifs in it?
Ro: I love decorating for the fall, bringing the outside in, and what better way than showcasing the leaves into a panel. The panel is multifunctional for wall hangings, quilts on a cool night, even a table runner to rest a warm mug of cider on.

Q. Do you have a favorite print in the collection?
Ro: I love the maple leaf with the metallic splatter. It reminds me of when I was a child in grade school and one of our assignments were to make a workbook of fall leaves.

 Ready to get started? Download this free pattern from our website, Bright Autumn by Terry Albers.

See A New Leaf collection by Ro Gregg here.


  1. i absolutely love everything ro gregg!! and this is no exception. i would love to make this quilt. i also love the marble head collection. i just cannot afford them on an income of less than four hundred dollars monthly. oh well, i can always drool over them. lol