Wednesday, August 14, 2013


When you hear "Rio," do you think of:
1. Rio, the animated film about a blue macaw, released in 2011
(Watch for Rio 2 in April 2014!)

2. Rio, the international sporting event site 
World Cup Soccer 2014

Summer Olympics 2016

3. Rio, home to bright, beautiful beaches and a colorful nightlife, which inspired our new fabric line:

We'll go with door #3.

Rio combines popular neon colors with modern tonals--a little something for everyone!

To us, this wild and bright large print embodies the spirit of Rio--tropical, bold, and full of fun.

Love these sketch-like tonal prints!

Tammy Silvers' quilt pattern on our website, Street Party, captures the excitement of these fabrics--dynamic and fun. Plus, you can get it free!

Click here to download the free Street Party pattern using Rio.
See the entire Rio collection on our website.

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