Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baltimore Album Shortcut

If you're a quilter, chances are you've admired a Baltimore Album quilt at some point. But unless you're really into applique, you probably never intended to make one. So many tiny, intricate pieces to cut and stitch!

Allow us to introduce Ro Gregg's new collection, Baltimore Album. This line features the best of both worlds. An updated selection of small tonal prints perfect for making your own Baltimore Album quilt, and a panel of preprinted blocks perfect for making your own Baltimore Album quilt with a little less cutting and stitching.

The panel:

The coordinates:
You need to see a few of these prints up close to truly appreciate them.

This might be one of the best paisleys ever. Great colors and shape!

A gorgeous green tonal

Soft blue flowers with a calico feel

Get creative with the panel of blocks and coordinates. Or, if you prefer, download the free pattern from our website featuring Cathy Miles' Baltimore Album design. The quilt combines one classic--Baltimore Album blocks--with another: Grandmother's Fan blocks.

Have you ever made a Baltimore Album quilt? Is it on your quilting bucket list?


  1. I haven't made a Baltimore Album quilt yet and yes it's on my list of quilts to make. I like the free pattern, thank you, it's a great combination of dresden plates and baltimore album panel. When will the panel be available in stores, do you know?

    1. Qltr89, all of the Baltimore Album fabric is available in stores now--check out your local stores; otherwise try a Google search (we suggest searching "Ro Gregg Baltimore Album" rather than just Baltimore Album so you can more relevant results).