Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Under the Sea

We are extremely excited to show you Heidi Pridemore's new collection, "Under the Sea." It features the whimsical look that has made Heidi such a popular designer, and we're thrilled to have her working with us. "Under the Sea" includes two panels--an underwater scene and a porthole scene that can be cut into blocks--and a variety of brightly colored coordinates. 

Q. What made you choose an underwater theme?
Heidi: I had designed a fish quilt called "I'm Outta Here" back in 2004 and it is still one of our most popular selling patterns. I have added two more patterns to our pattern line over the years and always wanted to move the characters from the quilt patterns to a fabric line.

"I'm Outta Here"

"One Fish, Two Fish"

"Under the Sea"

Q. How did you choose the palette?
Heidi: My fish are very happy little guys and I wanted to use “happy colors.” I settled on a primary color palette so the line would appeal to both boys and girls of all ages.

Q. You are well known for your cute designs—talk to us about your style.
Heidi: My whimsical style is my original style. I see the world in big bold shapes and everyone has the potential to look cute. My designs seem to reflect my outlook on life. I like to create art that makes people smile.

Q. Which is your favorite print in the collection?
Heidi: My favorite print is the Porthole Panel. This is the first print my husband and I collaborated on and I think came out very well. I love the ideas that you can have a panel with circular windows that can easily be cut apart into 8” squares for simple assembly.

Q. What do you envision the line being used for?
Heidi: I see lots and lots of fun simple quilts for kids and adults. You can use the theme for a nursery or a bathroom. It would also be cute for beach bags or children’s apparel. Even an umbrella would be fun.

Q. What was your favorite part about designing Under the Sea?
Heidi: It would have to be two things: First, to finally see this line of fabric come to life after thinking about it for years is very exciting. Second, designing this with my husband and partner, Matthew. This was the first fabric line we worked on together. We usually do our own things and to see what happens when we worked together was also very exciting.

Q. How did you and Matthew work together on the line—who did what?
Heidi: I did the character sketches by hand and discussed fabric layouts with him. He took my artwork and created the digital files, added color and texture, and created the portholes for the fish. We collaborated on what elements to add to the fabric as we went along in the design process.

See the entire collection here and then ask for it at your local quilt shop!
Learn more about Heidi here.

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