Friday, July 26, 2013

In Alignment

Typically when we do a post on a magazine project featuring our fabric, we show you the project first and the magazine cover toward the end. 
Today we're showing the cover first, and we think you'll quickly see why.

Hello, cover quilt! 
Tony Jacobson's quilt, "In Alignment," pairs the richly colored prints of our Fall Tapestry collection with a solid white to create a graphic, easy quilt that really pops. Tony spoke to us about his modern fall design.

"In Alignment" by Tony Jacobson;
featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Easy Quilts

Q. What attracted you to the Fall Tapestry collection?
Tony: The patterns in the fabric line reminded me of the colors and patterns used by Gustav Klimt in his oil paintings.
Art by Gustav Klimt; Image:

Q. Why did you decide to pair the prints with white?
Tony: There is a lot of pattern in the fabrics so I wanted to give the eye somewhere to rest. Even though I was going for a fall looking quilt, I wanted to make sure it didn't get too dark, and the white fabric kept a brightness to the quilt that helps accentuate the colors in the print fabrics.

Q. This is such a great pattern to highlight a focal print. Was that what you originally had in mind when you designed it?
Tony: Yes, I thought the patterns were interesting on their own and wanted to highlight them in the quilt.

Q. Is there a print in the collection that particularly grabbed you? 
Tony: The orange circle print has a lot of movement in it which really appealed to me.

Q.  Can you talk about your decision process to add the stripe as a middle border?
Tony: Whenever possible, I like to let the fabric do the work. The stripe gives the border a pieced look without having to do a lot of intricate piecing.

Q. What do you like best about the pattern?
Tony: I really like to design quilts that are easy to piece but look complicated. I think this quilt is a good example of that. This was truly a quilt that I did from start to finish in a single weekend.

Q. Tell us about the machine quilting.
Tony: I machine quilted this quilt myself. I've been teaching myself to longarm over the last year. The quilt motif in this project is a "floral" pattern that I designed, which I create using oval quilting rulers to arc from the corners of each block to the center. It is an easy pattern to do and I've gotten to the point where I can achieve this effect fairly quickly without much marking.

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