Friday, February 8, 2013

Tutorial: Woven Heart Basket

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, here's a quick (almost no-sew!) project, perfect for holding everyone's favorite part of this holiday--chocolate! Do you remember making the paper version of these baskets as a kid? We think you'll like the fabric version even better!

You'll Need

  • 1 fat quarter each of two prints
  • 1/3 yard of fusible web
  • 1/4 yard of interfacing
From the purple print:
Two 7" x 14" pieces

From the pink print:
Two 7" x 14" pieces
One 5" x 14" piece

From the fusible web:
Two 6-3/4" x 13-3/4" pieces

From the interfacing:
(1) 1-3/8" x 13-1/2" piece

Making the Woven Heart Basket
1. Following manufacturer's directions, fuse one piece of fusible web to the wrong side of a 7" x 14" pink piece. Remove the paper back and fuse the second pink piece to the opposite side of the fusible web to create a sandwich.

2. Repeat with the purple pieces. You'll have two double-sided pieces of fabric. 
3. Click here to download the heart basket template. Print the template out and cut on the outer line.
4. Fold the purple piece in half widthwise and position the template on the fold line. Pin in place.

5. Cut out around the template shape. 
6. To create the slits, measure 1-1/4" from the left edge and cut from the folded bottom up to the 5-1/4" mark (shape should still be folded in half). Measure over 1-1/4" and cut a second slit. Repeat one more time to cut a third slit. Very important: All cuts should stop 5-1/4" from the bottom folded edge.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 with the pink fabric. Your two pieces should look like this when folded.

And this when unfolded.

8. Begin weaving the pink and purple pieces together. Pass the first purple loop through the first pink loop.

9. Pass the second pink loop through the first purple loop. Pass the first purple loop around the third pink loop. Tuck the first purple loop into the fourth pink loop. Slide the purple loop up to the top of the pink slits.

10. Begin weaving the second purple loop through the pink loops, beginning by sliding the first pink loop inside the second purple loop. Weave the entire second purple loop (the order should be opposite the first loop). Continue with the third and fourth loops.

11. Open heart and adjust strips as needed so the weaving is even. 
12. Press the 5" x 14"pink piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Open up and press each long edge in to the center, creating three pressed lines. Position the interfacing strip next to the center fold. 

13. Fold both long edges in again and then fold in half. Topstitch 1/4" from both long edges. Trim to measure 12". 

14. Position one raw edge of the handle inside the heart basket and stitch an "X" to secure. Repeat on the opposite side.

15. Fill basket with candy and share with someone you love! 


  1. Thank you for the great instructions. I made my first one today. I did a bit of a change as I downsized it to about half the size of your pattern. Turned out GREAT.