Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catching up with Ro Gregg

Ro has been busy...and not just channeling her creativity to develop many new fabric lines. (watch for sneak peeks in coming posts!) Where is she finding inspiration? How about seeing flamingos on the beach? Keep reading...

What you're working on right now: A new collection called Block Party. It's a floral with an organic look—really influenced by nature. I'm featuring roses, irises, sunflower, tulips set on a neutral background.

Most recent magazine and/or book you've read: Latest magazine was Home Accents Today—a trend magazine for home dec. Latest book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I did like it. Once you got into it, it took off like crazy.

Most recent place you found design inspiration: We were on Flamingo Beach in Aruba over New Year's. It's a regular public beach, and there are flamingos roaming around there. It's beautiful. As a bird lover, it was really incredible.

Current favorite color and/or color combination: Egg robin blue, mocha and sand.

Recent great meal you've had: Also in Aruba—at Pinchos Grill  & Bar. It's on a wharf, really a beautiful, romantic place with a panoramic view of the shoreline. Coincidentally, it was on the Bachelor (or Bachelorette?). I had Incredible coconut shrimp and grouper almondine.

What you do to get through winter: I belong to a spa and I swim 3 or 4 times per week.

Coffee or tea?: Coffee.

Your current favorite fabric line: I love the Marblehead A Star Is Born. I feel that it gives you the ability to design and to create artisan quilts. It has a mod contemporary flair to it, and the colors are bright. My favorite colorway is the purple, blue, lime and green. 
Note: Marija Vujcic of Mara Quilt Designs used these fabrics in a pattern called "Stars of the Season," which you can find for purchase as a downloadable pattern here

An ideal Friday night: Friday nights we always go out to dinner with friends. Nothing formal, just simple, to kick off the weekend.

Most excited about right now: Redesigning my shore house. (It was destroyed during the hurricane.) It is a challenge to design it, trying to recreate what we had before.

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  1. Loved reading about what's Ro been up to - she is one busy, creative lady! :)
    Totally tickled pink that she gave me a shout-out for the pattern I designed with her lovely Star is Born fabric collection - THANKS RO!! I love playing with new fabric that inspire me and can't wait to play with new ones Ro designs!
    I also blogged about the Star is Born collection and my inspirations in creating the pattern - you can read it here:

    oh yeah - there is a giveaway too, so spread the word! :)