Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Hint of Spring

The dreary gray days of January (and February) seem to be when we most need a glimpse of some spring warmth.
Something fresh, bright and cheery. Something like Reeze Hanson's "Calypso Carnival" quilt, featured in Easy Quilts Spring 2013.
"Calypso Carnival" by Reeze Hanson 
Reeze designed this quilt using Ro Gregg's Calypso line using simple four-patches and sashing. The quilt measures 72" x 96". She shares some of her thoughts about the quilt below.

Q. How did you come up with the design idea?
Reeze: I wanted a simple design which would allow the fabric to do the work.  Putting four-patches on point with a simple slashing added interest, and secondary designs that work with the bold colors and large scale prints.

Q. How did you choose what colors to use?
Reeze: I used Ro Gregg's Calypso line. The bright colors contrasted so nicely with the white dot/stripe.  I wanted to challenge myself to find a way to use all the colors in this flower print in one quilt and still keep it unified and simple.

Q. What do you like best about this quilt?  
Reeze: I love the way the colors blend in a diagonal progression across the quilt from corner to corner.

Q. What was most challenging about this quilt?
Reeze: Organizing the piecing was critical.  I needed to make lists of each color combination and then divide the quilt in rows for assembly.  A design wall was really helpful to stay organized.

Q. Who did you make this quilt for?
Reeze: When I get a grand baby, the quilt will go to him or her.  Hope hope!

Q. Tell us about the machine quilting.
Reeze: Brenda Weien of Brenda's machine quilting does a great job complimenting the design with simple but engaging quilting.  The pumpkin seed or melon design in the four patches breaks up the starkly geometric lines of the quilt and adds some softness to the design.

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p.s. Psst! Ro has a follow-up collection to Calypso due out in February, called Calypso Frogs. Below is a sneak peek, but you can check out the entire line here.

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  1. I love these fabrics...what fun they are going to be to use! :)