Monday, January 7, 2013

Marblehead Block Winner!

 Back at Quilt Market in October, we handed out packs of twenty-six 3'' Marblehead squares to people waiting in line at Sample Spree. The challenge: stitch a 12'' block from these fun, bright squares and send it us. 

We selected the winning block below, a nine-patch of tiny kaleidoscope units with two borders (keep in mind the entire block is only 12" square!). This vibrant, detailed block was definitely a winner in our eyes. Designer Bonnie Moates received a Marblehead Global Brights fat quarter pack. 

Congratulations, Bonnie!

A chemical engineer by day, Bonnie also quilts, sews, embroiders, makes bags, sews costumes, and owns a quilting retreat. She estimates that she's made about 460 quilts in the last 12 years. Her friend, who owns the Red Stick Quilt Shop in Baton Rouge, LA, brought back the Marblehead swatches for Bonnie to play with. And play she did. Bonnie was also kind enough to share a bit about her block with our blog.

Q. Where did you come up with the design idea?
Bonnie: I had really been wanting to do a kaleidoscope. I'd even printed out a couple pictures and bought a book or two. I kept looking at all those colors (the 3'' squares), and that's where the kaleidoscope idea came in. It's something that'll use a lot of colors and have a lot of pieces.

Q. How did you choose what other fabrics to use in the block?
Bonnie: Many of the swatches read as ''medium''—all the same value. As quilters, we know that you need a light, dark and medium to make your quilt pop. By bringing in black as a secondary color, I'd be able to set off the colors. I wanted to bring in a little more color, and I had a batik that looked really good with all of the Marblehead colors.

Q. How did you decide on color placement?
Bonnie: I wanted to use every fabric swatch I was given. I think I got two kaleidoscope pieces out of each square. I tried to break out of the box and not put the colors in rainbow order. It put me out of my comfort zone!

Thanks for sharing, Bonnie! After admiring your block, we can't wait to see what you make with the Global Brights fat quarters!

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