Thursday, May 3, 2018

Illusion Quilts: Checkerboard in Modern Patchwork magazine

Painter's Palette Solids fans, have you seen the latest issue of Modern Patchwork magazine? It features the Checkerboard quilt by Lisa Swenson Ruble, an improv log cabin design using Painter's Palette Solids.
"Checkerboard" by Lisa Swenson Ruble; machine quilted by Diane Oakes
Featured in Modern Patchwork May/June 2018

Here's an interview with Lisa about her quilt:
Q. Where did the idea for this design come from? 
LR: I really love making improv Log Cabin blocks. No measuring required! Seriously, though, I love the look of these wonky blocks, as well as how each block looks different from the last. I tried a design that was four rows of three blocks each, but it was just too much. Using one row of three blocks had so much more impact. 

Q. How did you choose the color scheme? 
LR: Deciding on blue and orange was easy--I enjoy working with complementary colors. Choosing the exact fabrics to use in each block was more challenging. I wanted the colors to shift enough in value to be noticeable, but not so much that it didn't create a smooth transition. I auditioned a lot of different choices! 

Colors used (from center): Maize, Pencil, Clementine, Tangerine, Daredevil

Colors used (from center): Midnight, Royal, French Blue, River, Waterfall

Q. Tell us about the quilting. 
LR: Diane Oakes did a fantastic job! She used freehand square spirals in the blocks, mimicking the design, and then straight lines in the upper and lower white and gray sections. The texture created by the quilting really enhances the design without overpowering it.

Q. What do you like best about the Checkerboard quilt?
LR: I admit I love the whole quilt, but I'm especially happy about the illusion of depth created by the color choices in the blocks. 

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Look for the May/June 2018 issue of Modern Patchwork in your local quilt shop or purchase the digital issue here.

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