Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Quilty Inspiration from QuiltCon

Ready for some quilty inspiration?

Take a virtual tour through our QuiltCon booth. Today we'll be featuring the quilts; tomorrow we'll show Amy Barickman's Indygo Junction section of the booth. 

Rich colors, gorgeous fabrics, and a variety of quilting styles...grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

An overview of the booth:

168 Painter's Palette Solids colors: ready to meet QuiltCon attendees! 

We gave away fat eighths of Painter's Palette Solids
You need to feel this fabric to understand how fantastic it is!

Jacquie Gering (@jacquietps) chose a rich red palette of Painter's Palette Solids for her geometric design:
Thanks to Jacquie for holding a book signing in our booth! 

A rainbow of Painter's Palette Solids in Elizabeth Eastmond's Annularity II quilt (@occasionalpiecequilt):
Photo credit: Elizabeth Eastmond

Simone Bradford (@simone.g.b.) shows off her Gumdrops quilt (a free quilt pattern!) featuring her new On Your Mark fabrics--a modern quilter's dream collection!

Tania Denyer's (@iamgingerq) Donut quilt (happily, no one tried to take a bite!) featuring Painter's Palette Solids:

Maria Shell's (@mariashellart) Mosh Pit at the Golden featuring Painter's Palette Solids--we could look at this quilt forever! 
Thanks to Maria for signing her Improv Patchwork book in our booth during the show.

A sneak peek at Hoodie Crescent's Ring Ring collection. Hoodie made this clever office organizer to hang in the booth. 

Two more solid beauties!

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill  (@wholecirclestudio) with her Sun Salutation quilt. Love this palette of Painter's Palette Solids

Stephanie Ruyle (@spontaneousthreads) plays with value using Painter's Palette Solids. Love the machine quilting!

Valerie Funk's The Lion and the Paintbrush made with Painter's Palette Solids:

One of the best photos of the show: Simone Bradford in the air with her Influx quilt (made with, of course, Painter's Palette Solids)


  1. What fun! Great quilts! Never thought that I would say this, but I'm really liking the solids

  2. Love it there a pattern for the lion quilt?

    1. You can visit Valerie Funk's FB page here and contact her.

  3. One beautiful show of color after another. I would have been in heaven to see these beauties. I will look for the Palette since I wasn't there to win one.

    1. Thanks, GranChris! The colors are pretty fantastic.

  4. I agree - would love to see the pattern for the lion quilt and also Annularity II.

  5. Aren't they all amazing?! Love the saturated colors and knowing first hand the feel of Painter's Palette Solids ... they are a dream!!