Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Looking for a BOM?

Barb Eikmeier, designer of the Vintage 30s Ruby's Treasures collection, is hosting a Block of the Month quilt on her blog.
Barb's Month 4 blocks;
the pattern for these is available for FREE during the month of October.
Find the patterns here.

Each month she posts the directions for four pieced blocks made using her Vintage 30s Ruby's Treasures prints. 
The finished quilt will pair the 41 pieced blocks with 40 applique blocks made with the McKim Studios pre-printed embroidery blocks. (Ruby’s Farm Treasures and Ruby’s Flower Garden).

Barb designed the quilt to be made from a fat quarter bundle of the Vintage 30s Ruby's Treasures prints and coordinating solids, plus the two pre-printed embroidery block panels. We're loving following along, and think you will too! 

New blocks are posted at the beginning of each month, and are available for free downloading during that month. After the month ends, they're available for $5 in Barb's online store.

Here's a look at the other blocks she's created so far:
Month 1:

Month 2:

Month 3:
Find the block patterns here.

A little more about her 30s Sampler BOM:
Q. What prompted you to start this BOM quilt?
BE: I wanted to do something that used both the fabric and the panels. I liked the idea of making it entirely from a fat quarter bundle of the 21 prints and 9 solids. To me, that was a fun challenge. 

Q. What resources did you use for the block designs? 
BE: Many of them came from the Electric Quilt software library, but if I found a block I liked in an antique quilt, I'd draw it myself. The embroidery blocks finish at 7-3/4", so I needed to find blocks that finished at 8" that could be trimmed down to 7-3/4" without sacrificing design elements along the edges. 

Q. Tell us about the applique blocks. 
BE: I like to do back basting applique; in fact, I wrote a book about it a few years ago. I realized that with the preprinted embroidery blocks, I could easily use them for applique. You could also embroider the blocks for this quilt if you wanted; some people are even leaving them out and putting in fabric squares instead. 

Q. What was one thing that surprised you as you made the blocks? 
BE: I finished most of the applique blocks before starting the pieced blocks. Because so many of the flower panel blocks have leaves, the applique blocks were looking pretty green. As I chose fabrics for the pieced blocks, I had to be more judicious in where I placed the greens to keep the color balance even.

Q. Can you point out a few of your favorite blocks? 
BE: Yep! I really like the upper left block in Month 2, with the blue four-patch int eh center. It's a neat block that was fun to make. The block next to it--with four V shapes, was also fun to make. It's surprisingly less complicated to make than it looks, and that's something that's true for many of these blocks. I also like the bottom left block in month 4. I really love how the fabric choices work together in that block. 

30s Sampler Quilt details:
The BOM blog posts will run through April 2018; with four blocks per month (plus one month has five). The finished quilt is 80" square. During the month a set of blocks are posted, the pattern will be free to download; after that each month's patterns are available for sale in Barb's online store. 

Follow along with the BOM here.
See the entire Vintage 30s Ruby's Treasures collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.

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