Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Art on Fabric: Walkabout 2

We think this post will have you not walking but running to your local quilt shop! Walkabout 2 is a collection of aboriginal inspired designs infused with so much movement, so much color, that it's sure to become your new favorite. The line comes in a blue and a purple colorway, and we're showing plenty of images of both so you can appreciate all of the detail each print contains. Stay tuned for our Thursday post when we'll share a Summer of Sewing tutorial featuring Walkabout 2 as well! 

Blue colorway: 

 Purple colorway:


Spirals and circles

Wiggles and wheels

Flowers and vines


Circles and dots

Use these fun prints in our free quilt pattern, Walkabout 2, designed by Terry Albers
Find the free quilt pattern here.

See the entire Walkabout 2 collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop. 
Find the free quilt pattern here.