Friday, March 24, 2017

Introducing Our 2017 Mad for Solids Sweet Sixteen!

Too much basketball...not enough fabric! 
We've been waiting for it! 

Our Mad for Solids March Madness bracket, inspired by the March Madness basketball tournament, begins Monday! 

We've asked 16 quilters to each curate a palette of 8 colors from our Painter's Palette Solids. No doubt this was a hard task--how do you choose just 8 colors out of 168 rich, vibrant choices?! Today, these quilters will introduce you to their palettes. (psst...see all 168 colors here!)

Through random drawing, we've placed these quilters and their bundles into the bracket below. Bundles will compete against each other as we strive to choose the Mad for Solids Favorite Bundle. We're asking you to be part of our Mad for Solids event and vote for your favorite bundle each day.

Besides the fact that it's fun, why should you vote for your favorite? The designer of the "Favorite Bundle" will receive a fabric prize of solids, and we'll randomly draw two voters from the Championship game to receive cuts of the winning bundle. So vote for your favorite and you just might win some for yourself! 

Enjoy the color inspiration for now. Monday, the voting begins! 

Meet the bundles (and their curators!):

By Elizabeth Eastmond of OP Quilt (@occasionalpiecequilt)

"Even though this madness is happening in Spring, it's also the month of the Paris Fall Fashion Shows.  I fell in love with all the colors being shown by the house of Gucci, and pulled from the hues from the clothes that walked the runways this month.  They are a rich combination of red, pink and teal with a pop of periwinkle, fresh melon and citrusy green.  They are all Guccilicious!"
Fabrics (clockwise from top): 121-079 Raspberry, 121-055 Poppy Red, 121-108 Clementine,
121-087 Lemon Ice, 121-012 Pale Iris, 121-138 Gulf Stream, 121-137 Poseiden, 121-013  Teal

Ocean Sunset
By Cynthia Muir of Ahhh Quilting (@ahhhquilting)

"The inspiration for this actually came from the colors on a little girl’s sun hat. When I put them all together it reminded me of a sunset over the water—the dark blues and grays of the water mixed with the brighter colors of the fading sun against the horizon—yellow, orange, and coral."
Fabrics (clockwise from top): 121-121 Linen, 121-139 Daisy, 121-146 Daredevil, 121-066 Lipstick, 121-026 Navy, 121-036 Colonial Blue, 121-158 Wind, 121-020 Sky

By Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter and The Quilter's Planner (@latenightquilter)

"Drawing inspiration from fresh peaches, mint and cream, or a bright Coral umbrella on a beach with crystal green waters; this palette infuses energy, light and relaxation into your day."
Fabrics (from top): 121-094 Agave, 121-095 Beryl, 121-102 Limelight, 121-000 White, 121-048 Pale Pink, 121-044 Peach, 121-049 Coral, 121-119 Blush

Magenta Madness

"The inspiration for this bundle came entirely from a shirt worn by a man sitting in front of me in church. It was a plaid shirt in shades of magenta and gray, and the fabric had such a beautiful sheen that I wanted to ask him where he bought it. These colors are a little different than the ones I normally work with, but I find them exciting and soothing at the same time."
Fabric (from top): 121-046 Royalty, 121-030 Bordeaux, 121-150 Wine, 121-028 Red Violet, 121-107 Wisteria, 121-085 Thistle, 121-021 Mauve, 121-018 Petal

by Stephanie Peterson of Peas in a Pod (@stephiepeterson)

"I chose these colors based on a color palette of pan pastels I ordered several years ago.  As I was choosing the colors, I got a feeling of sipping pina coladas on a beach.  I started singing, "If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain..."  You know the song, right?  I know.  It will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You're welcome.  Anyway, I started thinking of a beach escape and sipping a nice blended drink--that served as my color inspiration....beach, water, citrus....  Meet me 'at a bar called O'Malley's, where we'll plan our escape!'"

Fabrics (from left): 121-054 Tangerine, 121-083 Banana, 121-005 Bright Yellow, 121-089 Island, 121-040 Bright Aqua, 121-104 Aluminum, 121-016 Pale Silver, 121-172 Pewter

Tourmaline and Mustard Seed 
By Christine Perrigo of Contemporary Custom Quilting (@ccpquilt)

"I used to drive by a house on the way to visit my family that was painted mustard with cream trim, and teal shutters. I thought that color scheme was genius, and have been wanting to translate it into fabric."
Fabrics (from top): 121-013 Teal, 121-100 Aruba, 121-062 Pale Aqua, 121-138 Gulf Stream, 121-063 Citrus Yellow, 121-007 Maize,121-139 Daisy, 121-142 Golden Rod

City Nights
Anne Sullivan of Play Crafts (@playcrafts)

"I attempted to capture the colors, vibrancy, and richness of city life at night without being completely literal." 
Fabrics (clockwise from top): 121-001 Midnight, 121-030 Bordeaux, 121-079 Raspberry, 121-124 Carrot, 121-059 Bronze, 121-108 Clementine, 121-095 Beryl, 121-110 Marine

Birds of Paradise
by Shelley Brooks (@shelleybrooksquilts)

"Bird of Paradise was inspired by warm lush colors with a flash of green for fun and silver to make it all glow.  Normally, I gravitate to cool colors - greens, turquoises, blues, but lately I've been looking at a lot of quilt inspirations with warm citrusy colors.  When this bundle of Painter's Palettes Solids arrived - I pretty much squealed - they are gorgeous together!"

Fabrics (from top): 121-010 Silver, 121-089 Island, 121-108 Clementine, 121-124 Carrot, 121-055 Poppy, 121-073 Sangria, 121-028 Fuchsia, 121-151 Grape

Pull the Stars from the Sky
By Shelby Marie Skumanich (@godshomemovies)

"This bundle was inspired by images of galaxies and the night sky. I chose tones of blues and purples, added black to deepen the palette and selected a pale silver and pale yellow-gold as the lightest values. The title is a line from a Nine Inch Nails song that I've always loved. The fabrics, combined with others, will eventually be used to make a log cabin quilt. The centers will be small, representing the stars and the dark colored logs will vary in size, so the stars will be scattered across a rich, dark background."
Fabrics (from top): 121-004 Ebony, 121-001 Midnight, 121-161 Abyss, 121-050 Cadet, 121-080 Amethyst, 121-046 Royalty, 121-017 Honeycomb,121-104 Aluminum

Suddenly Summer
By Jackie Skarritt (@jskarritt)

"Spring is my favorite time of year but it is so ephemeral. I remember countless times looking around my gardens in amazement at the sudden arrival of summer flora and wondering how Spring had so quietly vanished......."
Fabrics (from left): 121-026 Navy, 121-016 Pale Silver, 121-022 Haze, 121-071 Green Sheen, 121-021 Mauve, 121-028 Fuchsia, 121-053 Paprika, 121-011 Mist

Floral Fiesta
By Marci Debetaz of Marci Girl Designs (@Marci_Girl)

"A color palette inspired by the explosion of flowers in the Spring, the fiesta that comes after a long winter.  Happy, fun, vibrant, pretty, lively, bold, a celebration of color.  Just a touch of Mexican flair, the intensity of bright colors contrasted against stark white and dark midnight."
Fabrics (right, from top to bottom): 121-151 Grape, 121-068 Rosebud, 121-148 Impatient, 121-000 White (left, from top to bottom): 121-001 Midnight, 121-156 Artesian, 121-035 Emerald, 121-094 Agave

Spring Lichen
By Jayne Willis of Twiggy and Opal (@twiggyandopal)

"Bye Bye Winter…Hello Spring! One of the first signs of Spring is the soft, delicate lichen that grows around the big tree in my backyard. If you look closely you can see an array of colors that only nature has to offer. That is until I picked this bundle of fabric! The different shades of green are most prominent in Lichen, yet there is are subtle shades of blue and teal. My bundle is all about Nature…Natural ombre colors!"
Fabrics (from left): 121-101 Azure, 121-100 Aruba, 121-000 White, 121-102 Lime Light, 121-088 Lime Mist, 121-094 Agave, 121-095 Beryl, 121-039 Jade     

Colorado Spring
By Stephanie Ruyle of Spontaneous Threads (@spontaneousthreads)

"These are the colors that greet me every spring. The multitude of purple crocus, and the yellow green leaf buds against the vast blue Colorado sky."
Fabrics (from top): Violet 121-149, Grape 121-151, Lemon Ice 121-087, Wasabi 121-061, Aruba 121-100, Cyan 121-098, Poseidon 121-137, Abyss 121-161

Blushing Blue
By Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs (@meadowmistdesigns)

"My launching point for this bundle was the beautiful blush colors in the Painter's Palette color card. From there I selected two blues to compliment the blush fabrics and pulled in some grays and soft white to ground the collection."
Fabrics (from left): 121-090 Smoke, 121-172 Pewter, 121-110 Marine, 121-109 Aquarius, 121-066 Lipstick, 121-118 Verbena, 121-117 Salmon, 121-099 Rice Paper

Kona Sunset
By Sheri Cifaldi Morrill of Whole Circle Studio (@wholecirclestudio)

"Inspired by colorful sunsets over the ocean coast of the Big Island, Hawaii, I selected this tropical color palette."
Fabrics (from top): 121-028 Fuchsia, 121-068 Rosebud, 121-118 Verbena,  121-005 Bright Yellow, 121-100 Aruba, 121-062 Pale Aqua, 121-138 Gulf Stream, 121-013 Teal

By Rene Martinez of Rene’ Creates (@renecreates)
"The solids I chose are shades of my favorite blue, with a neutral and two oranges thrown in, all representing sunny days in Florida. I think these colors are perfect for the graduation quilt I plan to make for my youngest who will soon attend college far from Florida and its warm climate. These bright colors remind me of vacations spent on Siesta Key with its cool sand, clear blue waters, and glorious sunsets, as well as lazy days spent lounging by the pool on orange chaise lounges."
Fabrics (from left): 121-099 Rice Paper, 121-094 Agave, 121-039 Jade, 121-100 Aruba, 121-138 Gulfstream, 121-137 Poseidon, 121-054 Tangerine, 121-124 Carrot

That's our Sweet Sixteen! How will you choose? We don't envy you--each bundle is more inspiring than the last! Come back Monday, ready to vote! 

See all 168 Painter's Palette Solids here and ask for them at your local quilt shop. 
Find a list of the quilt shops currently carrying our solids here.  


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